Wow Inscription Guide

inscriptionThis Wow WoD Inscription Leveling guide helps beginners to advanced players level their Inscription from 1-700 in the most efficient manner. This WoD Inscription Guide shows you how to level Inscription with Herbalism as a secondary profession or you can just buy the materials off the AH.

If you're leveling Inscription with your level 1 new toon then follow the guide below starting with Apprentice. If your starting Inscription and your toon is 90+ then skip down to the WoD section if you want to.


Approximate Materials for Levels 1 - 300

  • 117 Moonglow Ink
  • 75 Light Parchment
  • 42 Dusky Pigment
  • 78 Golden Pigment
  • 5 Burnt Pigment
  • 84 Emerald Pigment
  • 10 Royal Ink (or 10 Indigo Pigment)
  • 84 Violet Pigment
  • 5 Fiery Ink (or 2 Ruby Pigment)
  • 48 Silvery Pigment
  • 10 Sapphire Pigment
  • 20 Nether Pigment


Train for Apprentice Inscription

Level Item Materials
1-65 65 Scroll of Intellect
  • 65 Moonglow Ink
  • 65 Light Parchment

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Train for Journeyman Inscription

Level Item Materials
65-75 10 Scroll of Recall
  • 10 Moonglow Ink
  • 10 Light Parchment
75-80 10 Midnight Ink
  • 20 Dusky Pigment
80-101 7 of any orange Glyph recipe.
  • 21 Midnight Ink
101-105 8 Lion's Ink
  • 16 Golden Pigment
105-125 7 of any orange Glyph recipe.
  • 21 Lion's Ink
125-130 5 Dawnstar Ink
  • 5 Burnt Pigment
130-145 6 of any orange Glyph recipe.
  • 18 Lion's Ink
145-150 1 Strange Tarot
  • 2 Dawnstar Ink


Train for Expert Inscription

Level Item Materials
150-155 10 Jadefire Ink
  • 20 Emerald Pigment
155-195 14 of any orange Glyph recipe.
  • 42 Jadefire Ink
195-200 5 Arcane Tarot
  • 10 Royal Ink
200-205 10 Celestial Ink
  • 20 Violet Pigment

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Train for Artisan Inscription

Level Item Materials
205-245 14 of any orange Glyph recipe.
  • 42 Celestial Ink
245-250 1 Fire Eater's Guide
  • 5 Fiery ink
250-255 10 Shimmering Ink
  • 20 Silvery Pigment
255-280 8 of any orange Glyph recipe.
  • 24 Shimmering Ink
280-290 10 Ink of the Sky
  • 10 Sapphire Pigment
290-300 10 Ethereal Ink
  • 20 Nether Pigment


Approximate Materials for Levels 300 - 600

  • 20 Nether Pigment
  • 35 Ethereal Ink (70 Nether Pigment)
  • 20 Azure Pigment
  • 48 Ink of the Sea (96 Azure Pigment)
  • 20 Icy Pigment
  • 40 Ashen Pigment
  • 20 Blackfallow Ink (40 Ashen Pigment)
  • 30 Burning Embers
  • 70 Shadow Pigment
  • 46 Ink of Dreams (92 Shadow Pigment)


Train for Master Inscription

Level Item Materials
300-305 10 Ethereal Ink
  • 20 Nether Pigment
305-350 15 of any orange Glyph recipe.
  • 45 Ethereal Ink


Train for Grand Master Inscription

Level Item Materials
350-355 10 Ink of the Sea
  • 20 Azure Pigment
355-375 7 of any orange Glyph recipe.
  • 21 Ink of the Sea
375-380 10 Snowfall Ink
  • 20 Icy Pigment
380-386 2 Glyph of Fortuitous Spheres
  • 6 Ink of the Sea
386-387 Northrend Inscription Research
  • 3 Ink of the Sea
  • 1 Snowfall Ink
387-400 1 of any orange Glyph recipe.
  • 3 Ink of the Sea
400-405 5 Scroll of Stamina VIII
  • 5 Ink of the Sea
405-410 5 Scroll of Spirit VIII
  • 5 Ink of the Sea
410-415 5 Scroll of Intellect VIII
  • 5 Ink of the Sea
415-420 5 Scroll of Strength VIII
  • 5 Ink of the Sea
420-425 5 Scroll of Agility VIII
  • 5 Ink of the Sea
425-445 20 Blackfallow Ink
  • 40 Ashen Pigment
445-450 5 Scroll of Intellect IX
  • 5 Blackfallow Ink

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Train for Illustrious Grand Master Inscription

Level Item Materials
450-455 5 Scroll of Protection IX
  • 5 Blackfallow Ink
455-460 5 Scroll of Spirit IX
  • 5 Blackfallow Ink
460-465 5 Scroll of Stamina IX
  • 5 Blackfallow Ink
465-470 5 Scroll of Strength IX
  • 5 Blackfallow Ink
470-475 5 Scroll of Agility IX
  • 5 Blackfallow Ink
475-485 15 Inferno Ink
  • 30 Burning Embers
485-490 10 Dust of Disappearance
  • 10 Blackfallow Ink
490-496 2 Glyph of Fighting Pose
  • 6 Ink of the Sea
496-500 2 Glyph of Flying Serpent Kick
  • 6 Ink of the Sea


Train for Zen Master Inscription

Level Item Materials
500-535 35 Ink of Dreams
  • 70 Shadow Pigment
535-540 5 Scroll of Wisdom
  • 15 Ink of Dreams
540-595 19 of any glyph discovered from making the Scroll of Wisdom.
  • 57 Ink of Dreams
595-600 3 of any orange shoulder enchant.
  • 9 Ink of Dreams

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Draenor Inscription Level 1 – 700

  1. Loot the Illegible Sootstained Notes (Horde) or Mysterious Satchel (Alliance).
  2. Complete the 3  quests.
  3. You will now have Draenor Inscription and Garrison Blueprint: Scribe’s Quarters, Level 1.
    • Draenor Inscription will upgrade your max Inscription skill to 700 and teach you to make Secrets of Draenor Inscription (Scribe Quarter currency).
    • The Scribe Quarter Blueprints enables you to build an Inscription Scribe Quarter in your Garrison.

*Another option for Inscription is to buy Draenor Inscription in Warspear or Stormshield for 100g. This will increase your max Inscription skill to 700 but it will not provide the Garrison Blueprint to build your own Scribe Quarters.


Recipes to Level from 1 – 600

Draenor Inscription provides the War Paints recipe as well as basic Inscription recipes to level 600. If you’re new to Inscription and 90+ then you can create any of the recipes below over and over until you hit 600 in Inscription.


Recipes to Level from 600 – 700

We suggest doing the following to level you up to 700.

  1. Create 1 Secrets of Draenor Inscription per day for 25 days. This goes green at 650 so don't make any Shadowtomes until you've made all these.
  2. Create 1 War Paint per day for 25 days.
  3. Queue 7 Work Orders per day for your War Paint supply.
  4. *Create 5 Shadowtome.

*For these remaining levels you will need to use 1 Secrets of Draenor Inscription and use it to buy the recipe at the Scribe’s Quarters. The most cost effective recipe is the Shadowtome and it grants 10 skill points so you should only need to create about 5. You can also choose to create anything else you might want for the last few levels.

Approximate mats needed are:

  • 250 War Paints
  • 650 Cerulean Pigment
  • 50 Light Parchment

It breaks down like this:

  • 25 Secrets of Draenor Inscription = 25 skill points
  • 25 War Paints = 25 skill points
  • 5 Shadowtome = 50 skill points


Garrison Building: Inscription Works

  • Level 1 allows the production of Inscription items and 7 work orders.
  • Level 2 allows followers with the Inscription trait to work there, providing a bonus and doubles work order production to 14.
  • Level 3 allows 21 work orders.

Work Orders convert 2 Cerulean Pigment to 1 War Paint in 4 hours.  This increases to 2 if you have a follower in your Scribe Quarters.


See our Followers with Profession Traits page for info on where to get the followers you need.


Inks by Herb

Ink Pigment Rare Pigment Herb
Ivory Ink & Moonglow Ink Alabaster   PeacebloomSilverleafEarthroot
Midnight Ink Dusky & Verdan Verdant MageroyalBriarthornSwiftthistle
Lion's Ink Golden & Burnt Burnt Wild SteelbloomGrave MossKingsbloodLiferoot
Jadefire Ink Emerald & Indigo Indigo FadeleafGoldthornKhadgar's Whisker
Celestial Ink Violet Ruby FirebloomPurple LotusArthas' TearsSungrassBlindweedGhost MushroomGromsblood
Shimmering Ink Silvery Sapphire Golden SansamDreamfoilMountain SilversageSorrowmossIcecap
Ethereal Ink Nether Ebon FelweedRagveilTeroconeAncient LichenNightmare VineNetherbloomMana ThistleDreaming Glory
Ink of the Sea Azure Icy IcethornLichbloomFire LeafTiger LilyAdder's Tongue, DeadnettleGoldcloverTalandra's Rose
Blackfallow Ink Ashen Burning Embers Azshara's VeilCinderbloomHeartblossomStormvineTwilight JasmineWhiptail
Ink of Dreams Shadow Misty Green Tea LeafRain PoppySilkweedSnow LilyFool's Cap
Warbinder's Ink Cerulean   Fireweed,Frostweed, Gorgrond Flytrap, Nagrand Arrowbloom, Starflower, Talador Orchid

By Paul

I tried using this guide but Ivory ink is no more it starts from the moonglow ink now.


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