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Wow Enchanting Guide

enchantThis Wow WoD Enchanting Leveling Guide helps beginners to advanced players level their Enchanting from 1-700 in the most efficient manner. This WoD Enchanting Guide shows some nice Enchanting tips to maximize your time as well as the traditional Enchanting basics and leveling mumbo jumbo.

If you're leveling Enchanting with your level 1 new toon then follow the guide below starting with Apprentice. If your starting Enchanting and your toon is 90+ then skip down to the WoD section if you want to.


Approximate Materials for Levels 1 - 300


Train for Apprentice Enchanting

Level Item Materials
1 1 Runed Copper Rod
  • 1 Copper Rod
  • 1 Strange Dust
  • 1 Lesser Magic Essence
2-50 Disenchant green items. Ragefire Chasm for Horde and Deadmines for Alliance.
50-90 40 Enchant Bracer - Minor Health
  • 40 Strange Dust
90-100 10 Enchant Bracer - Minor Stamina
  • 30 Strange Dust
100-110 10 Greater Magic Wand
  • 10 Simple Wood
  • 10 Greater Magic Essence
110-135 25 Enchant Cloak - Minor Agility
  • 25 Lesser Astral Essence


Train for Expert Enchanting

Level Item Materials
135-155 20 Enchant Bracer - Lesser Stamina
  • 40 Soul Dust
155-185 30 Enchant Bracer - Lesser Strength
  • 60 Soul Dust
185-220 35 Enchant Bracer - Strength
  • 35 Vision Dust

If you're low on gold, we recommend trying this Gold Guide! We use it!


Train for Artisan Enchanting

Level Item Materials
220-225 5 Enchant Cloak - Greater Defense
  • 15 Vision Dust
225-230 5 Enchant Gloves - Agility
  • 5 Lesser Nether Essence
  • 5 Vision Dust
230-235 5 Enchant Boots - Stamina
  • 25 Vision Dust
235-240 5 Enchant Chest - Superior Health
  • 30 Vision Dust
240-250 10 Enchant Boots - Lesser Accuracy
  • 40 Vision Dust
  • 10 Lesser Nether Essence
250-260 10 Lesser Mana Oil
  • 30 Dream Dust
  • 20 Purple Lotus
  • 10 Crystal Vial
260-265 5 Enchant Bracer - Greater Intellect
  • 15 Lesser Eternal Essence
265-300 35 Enchant Shield - Greater Stamina
  • 175 Dream Dust

If you're starting a new toon, we recommend using one of these Leveling Guides. They honestly work.


Approximate Materials for Levels 300 - 600


Train for Master Enchanting

Level Item Materials
300-310 10 Enchant Bracer - Lesser Assault
  • 60 Arcane Dust
310-320 10 Enchant Bracer - Brawn
  • 60 Arcane Dust
320-335 15 Enchant Gloves - Assault
  • 120 Arcane Dust
335-340 5 Enchant Chest - Major Spirit
  • 20 Greater Planar  Essence
340-350 10 Superior Wizard Oil
  • 30 Arcane Dust
  • 10 Nightmare Vine
  • 10 Crystal Vial

If you're low on gold, we recommend trying this Gold Guide! We use it!


Train for Grand Master Enchanting

Level Item Materials
350-380 10 Enchant Chest - Exceptional Mana
  • 90 Infinite Dust
380-386 3 Enchant Bracer - Exceptional Intellect
  • 30 Infinite Dust
386-396 5 Enchant Boots - Icewalker
  • 40 Infinite Dust
  • 5 Crystallized Water
396-405 3 Enchant Cloak - Superior Agility
  • 27 Infinite Dust
405-417 4 Enchant Gloves - Expertise
  • 48 Infinite Dust
417-423 2 Enchant Boots - Superior Agility
  • 12 Infinite Dust
  • 4 Greater Cosmic Essence
423-425 1 Enchant Chest - Greater Mana Restoration
  • 4 Infinite Dust
  • 4 Greater Cosmic Essence


Train for Illustrious Grand Master Enchanting

Level Item Materials
425-440 15 Enchant Boots - Earthen Vitality
  • 30 Hypnotic Dust
440-455 15 Enchant Cloak - Lesser Power
  • 45 Hypnotic Dust
455-470 15 Enchant Gloves - Haste
  • 60 Hypnotic Dust
  • 15 Lesser Celestial Essence
465-475 10 Enchant Cloak - Intellect
  • 60 Hypnotic Dust
475-480 5 Enchant Gloves - Exceptional Strength
  • 15 Hypnotic Dust
  • 10 Greater Celestial Essence
480-485 5 Enchant Boots - Major Agility
  • 20 Hypnotic Dust
  • 10 Greater Celestial  Essence
485-500 15 Enchant Gloves - Greater Expertise
  • 75 Hypnotic Dust
  • 30 Greater Celestial Essence


Train for Zen Master Enchanting

Level Item Materials
500-525 25 Enchant Bracer - Mastery
  • 100 Spirit Dust
525-553 7 Enchant Weapon - Elemental Force
  • 21 Mysterious Essence
553-556 1 Enchant Ring - Greater Agility
  • 2 Spirit Dust
556-577 7 Enchant Gloves - Superior Expertise
  • 14 Mysterious Essence
577-600 6 Enchant Gloves - Superior Mastery
  • 18 Mysterious Essence

WoD changed the way we make gold and introduced new opportunities. You can sign up right now for the Secret Gold Guide and have access to weekly gold tips and tons of bonus material.


Draenor Enchanting Level 1 – 700

  1. Loot the Enchanted Highmaul Bracer from Draenor mobs which starts a questline.
  2. Complete the 4 quests.
  3. You will now have Draenor Enchanting and Garrison Blueprint: Enchanter’s Study, Level 1.
    • Draenor Enchanting will upgrade your max Enchanting skill to 700 and teach you to make Secrets of Draenor Enchanting (Enchanter Study currency).
    • The Enchanter’s Study Blueprints enables you to build an Enchanter’s Study in your Garrison.

*Another option for Enchanting is to buy Draenor Enchanting in Warspear or Stormshield for 100g. This will increase your max Enchanting skill to 700 but it will not provide the Garrison Blueprint to build your own Enchanter’s Study.


Recipes to Level from 1 – 600

Draenor Enchanting provides the Temporal Crystal recipe as well as basic Enchanting recipes that give 1 skill point each up to level 600. If you’re new to Enchanting and 90+ then you can create any of the recipes below over and over until you hit 600 in Enchanting.


Recipes to Level from 600 – 700

To level from 600-700 create one Secrets of Draenor Enchanting and use it to buy the Mark of the Blackrock or Mark of Shadowmoon recipe from your Garrison Enchanter’s Study. These recipes have the best Temporal Crystal to skill point ratio for sure. Then do the following:

  1. Create 1 Secrets of Draenor Enchanting per day for 12 days. This goes green at 650 so don't make any of the Marks below until you've made all these.
  2. Create 1 Temporal Crystal per day for 13 days.
  3. Queue 7 Work Orders per day for your Fractured Temporal Crystal supply.
  4. Create 5 Mark of Blackrock or Mark of Shadowmoon

Approximate mats needed are:

It breaks down like this:

5 Mark of Whatever = 15 Temporal Crystals (150 Fractured Temporal Crystals) / 12 Fractured Temporal Crystals (from work orders and daily recipe) = 13 days

  • 5 Marks of Whatever = 75 skill points total
  • 12 Secrets of Draenor Enchanting = 12 skill points total
  • 13 Temporal Crystals = 13 skill points

In about 13 days you should have leveled up to 700. If you have a level 2 or follower assigned to your Study that would increase crystal production to 19 Fractured Temporal Crystals per day. This would reduce days to level to 8 but you'd be short about 9 levels. If you want, making another Mark is the most cost effective way because it only takes 3 Temporal Crystals.

See our Followers with Profession Traits page for info on where to get the followers you need.


Garrison Building: Enchanter’s Study

  • Level 1 allows the production of Enchanting items and 7 work orders.
  • Level 2 allows followers with the Enchanting trait to work there, providing a bonus and doubles work order production to 14.
  • Level 3 allows 21 work orders.

Work Orders convert 5 Draenic Dust to 1 Fractured Temporal Crystals in 4 hours. 

See our Followers with Profession Traits page for info on where to get the followers you need.


You're done!   If you're starting a new toon, we recommend using one of these Leveling Guides. They honestly work.

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