Wow Pilgrim's Bounty Guide

hatWe are glad you stopped by to see our Pilgrim's Bounty Guide. We provide all the information you’ll need for Pilgrim's Bounty Quests, Pilgrim's Bounty Achievements, Pilgrim's Bounty Loot, and Pilgrim's Bounty Rewards. Finally, we explain each quest and achievement in detail.

Pilgrim's Bounty Achievements for 'the Pilgrim' Title

In order to get the Pilgrim's Bounty Title you must complete the following achievements. As a side result you will also receive a Plump Turkey. The Plump Turkey will be given to you via a Turkey Cage.  


Food Fight

Sit at the Bountiful Table and throw food at someone! It's the Pass/Throw button once you sit down. See the pic!  

Pilgrim's Paunch

Sit at each of the major city's Bountiful Tables and eat all 5 items 5 times, you'll have to change seats to eat the next item. Turkey, stuffing, cranberries, pumpkin pie, and sweet potatoes.

Pilgrim's Progress

Complete each of the 5 Pilgrim's Bounty dailies below.  

Terokkar Turkey Time

Go to Setthek Halls in Terokkar and Kill the Talon King Ikiss while wearing your Pilgrim's Hat and a Pilgrim's Dress, Attire, or Robe.  

Turkey Lurkey

Shoot all the Rogues with your Turkey Shooter! The Turkey Shooter is a quest reward for the daily Pilgrim's Bounty quests and you'll need 8 of them to shoot the following rogues: Blood Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Human, Night Elf, Orc, Troll, and Undead.  

Now We're Cookin'

Buy the Pilgrim's Bounty Cooking Guide and cook each item in there (candied sweet potatoes, cranberry chutney, pumpkin pie, slow-roasted turkey, and spiced bread stuffing).  

Pilgrim's Progress

Complete each of the Pilgrim's Bounty Dailies.  

Pilgrim's Peril

While wearing the Pilgrim's Robe, Attire, or Dress sit at each of the enemy's capital Bountiful Tables. Good luck!  

Sharing is Caring

Pass (throw) each of the foods while sitting at a Bountiful Table. 5 foods being turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing, cranberry, and pumpkin pie.  

The Turkinator

Kill the turkeys in Elwynn Forest. With each kill you get a buff and have to kill another within that buff. You have to kill 40 turkeys total with the buff so just kill one, run to another and keep going.


Pilgrim's Bounty Cooking Guide

This is by far the fastest way to grind your Cooking level up to 300+. This really is an opportunity to get this done really fast and easy with the following guide. Note that most of the reagents are sold by vendors. You don't have to grind these items and you will not be gouged by trade chat sellers and auction house prices on materials (cooking mats).   Each of these recipes can be learned from the: Bountiful Cookbook.  

Alliance: To get this awesome bountiful cookbook you can find Wilmina Holbeck just out side Stormwind next to some bales of hay. It is also sold by the Bountiful Barrel right next to her. The barrels are also located just outside every major Alliance city.  

Horde: To get this awesome bountiful cookbook you can find Dalni Tallgrass just out side Orgimmar next to some bales of hay. It is also sold by the Bountiful Barrel right next to her. The barrels are also located just outside every major Horde City.  

*NOTE: The general process or strategy goes like this: You will start at one city and get the mats for a quest in another so follow the "Pilgrim's Bounty Daily Quests" below and don't forget to grab what mats are required for the next section.  

Below is the breakdown of each recipe just to see what is required at a glance. This table does not show you an efficient path of traveling so refer to the Pilgrim's Bounty Daily Quests section for the traveling guide.

Level Item Materials
1-40 Spiced Bread
40-100 Spice Bread Stuffing
100-160 Pumpkin Pie
160-220 Cranberry Chutney
220-280 Candied Sweet Potato
280-(330-355) Slow-Roasted Turkey


For a cooking leveling alternative or to continue leveling your cooking to 600 see the Wow Cooking Guide 1-600.


Pilgrim's Bounty Quests | The Quickest Path for Quests and Achievements

Completing each of the 5 quests below are all pretty easy and it gives you a nice, extra achievement, Pilgrim's Progress. Each of the daily quests gives you an option for choosing one of the following slick pieces of Pilgrim's Bounty Gear. This is a sweet idea for Transmogrification so hold on to these beauties!

**Before you start doing the quests**

You need pumpkins for the 2nd quest which are located in Stormwind and the Undercity. Go buy about 60-75 (maybe more...muahahaha) if you intend on cooking from 100 to 160. This is suggested first because you will need them in a bit. The first video starts at the basics of the table and shows in detail how it works. Here we start in the Undercity to stock up on supplies and get a few quests to complete later.

Don't Forget The Stuffing!

Reward: 1 peice of Pilgrim's Bounty gear.

Requires Cooking level 1. This is located at IronForge and Orgimmar. It is an easy one because the mats for the spice bread stuffing are sold at the npc directly next to the quest giver. You need to make up to 40-55 Spice Bread to start and then take those mats and make 40 to 55 Spice Bread Stuffing. This will get your cooking to 100!

Note: Don't leave Ironforge or Orgimmar yet. Go to the vendor and get 60-75 Cranberries for "We're Out of Cranberry Chutney," cooking from 160-220. If you don't you will end up having to travel back here later.

Here is the video walkthrough of the first few steps in Undercity and Orgimmar.

Easy As Pie

Reward: 1 peice of Pilgrim's Bounty gear.

Requires Cooking level 100. The next stop to get this quest is in Thunderbluff and Darnassus (this is located in the eastern mid-half of Darnassus on the road going out of town). You need pumpkins first which are located in Stormwind and the Undercity.

Note: Don't leave Thunderbluff or Darnassus yet. Go to the vendor and get 60-75 Potatoes for "She Says Potato" and to level cooking from 220-280. If you don't you will end up having to travel back here later.

Here is the video walkthrough part 3 where we venture to Thunderbluff and complete the next section.


We're Out of Cranberry Chutney Again?

Reward: 1 peice of Pilgrim's Bounty gear.

Requires Cooking level 160. Here you will need the Cranberries from IronForge or Orgimmar. The quest starts and ends in Stormwind and the Undercity so bringing them along helps a bit. We recommend getting 60-75 if you intend on getting your cooking up to the next level.

Here is the 4th video going over cooking through 300, completing a few achievements, and collecting one more piece of Pilgrim's Bounty gear.

She Says Potato

Reward: 1 peice of Pilgrim's Bounty gear.

Requires Cooking level 220. This requires potatoes from the vendors in Thunderbluff or Darnassus. The quest itself starts in Stormwind and the Undercity. If you are getting your cooking up you should level it up to 280 so you can start on the next quest. Finally, below is the Turkinator video with preparation for the final steps in the Pilgrims Bounty Guide. This next step is the nasty one (if you have bad luck).

Here is a quick walkthrough gathering turkey meat for the next cooking level and the achievement 'The Turkinator'.

Can't Get Enough Turkey

Reward: 1 peice of Pilgrim's Bounty gear.

This is the easiest and the hardest quest since 2009. This is located at Elwynn Forest and Tirisfal Glades. Most people will be trying for The Turkinator leaving just pickings so it is all about timing. Have no fear because later in the week (after turkey traffic dies down) provides tons of opportunity for this quest.

The last video here covers all the final quests and achievements via dailies and gets cooking skill > 350.


Pilgrim's Bounty Pets | Turkey Cage | Plump Turkey

turkey cageIn order to get the Pilgrim's Bounty Plump Turkey you need to get the Turkey Cage. The Pilgrims Bounty Turkey Cage is a reward for completing the 8 Pilgrim's Bounty achievements. For each and every detail in getting these achievements see the section above Pilgrim's Bounty Title Achievements. This is one of our favorite pets and it fetches too with a Fetch Ball! fetch-ball

The ball can be picked up in Dalaran at the first shop on the right as you enter Dalaran from the flight master. More specifically it can be obtained by Breanni. On a side note, Breanni also sells some really cool other things for your non-combat pets.        

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