Wow Midsummer Fire Festival Guide

Midsummer Fire Festival GuideThis Midsummer Fire Festival Guide is packed with all the information you'll need for Midsummer Fire Festival Quests, Achievements, Loot, and Rewards.

Midsummer Achievements & Flame Keeper/Warden Title

  • The Fires of Azeroth Complete the Flame Keeper/Warden achievements: Flame Keeper | Warden of Cataclysm, Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Northrend, and Outland.
  • Desecration of the Alliance Complete the Extinguishing achievements: Extinguishing Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Outland, Northrend, and Cataclysm.
  • Desecration of the Horde Complete the Extinguishing achievements: Extinguishing Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Outland, Northrend, and Cataclysm.
  • Burning Hot Pole Dance Dance at the ribbon pole for 60 seconds while wearing the complete Midsummer Gear set.
  • Ice the Frost Lord Defeat Ahune in the Slave Pens.
  • King of the Fire Festival Complete the quest "A Thief's Reward"; steal some flamage!
  • Torch Juggler Juggle 40 torches in 15 seconds in Dalaran.


Fire Locations


Location Faction - Coordinates Description
Ashenvale A - 86,41 Forest Song
  H - 51,66 Silverwind Refuge - East of flight point
Azuremyst Isle A - 44,52 Azure Watch
Bloodmyst Isle A - 55,68 Bloodwatch - South on the road
Darkshore A - 48,22 Lor'danei - Northern Darkshore
Desolace A - 65,16 Nigel's Point - South on road
  H - 26,76 Shadowprey Village
Durotar H - 52,47 Razor Hill
Dustwallow Marsh A - 62,40 Theramore - NW trail
  H - 33,30 Brackenwall Village
Feralas A - 46,43 Feathermoon Stronghold - North
  H - 72,47 Camp Mojache - SW on road
Mulgore H - 51,59 Bloodhoof Village - East on road
Northern Barrens H - 49,54 Crossroads - North road
Silithus A - 60,33 Cenarion Hold - East on road
  H - 50,41 Cenarion Hold - South on road
Southern Barrens A - 48,72 Fort Triumph - South road
  H - 40,67 Desolation Hold
Stonetalon Mountains H - 52,62 Sun Rock Retreat
Tanaris A - 52,30 Gadgetzan
  H - 49,28 Gadgetzan
Teldrassil A - 54,52 Dolanaar
Winterspring A - 61,47 Everlook
  H - 58,47 Everlook


Eastern Kingdoms

Location Faction - Coordinates Description
Arathi Highlands A - 44,46 Refuge Point - Eastern path
  H - 69,42 Hammerfall
Badlands H - 23,37 New Kargath - NE of flight point
Blasted Lands A - 55,15 Nethergarde Keep - outside West exit
  H - 46,13 Dreadmaul Hold - East of flight point
Burning Steppes A - 68,60 Morgan's Vigil - NE on trail close to the road
  H - 51,29 Flame Crest - SW of flight point
Dun Morogh A - 53,44 Kharanos - North
Duskwood A - 73,54 Darkshire - SW
Elwynn Forest A - 43,62 Goldshire - NE
Eversong Woods H - 46,51 Falconwing Square - South
Ghostlands H - 47,26 Tranquillen - North
Hillsbrad Foothills H - 54,50 Tarren Mill - South and slightly West
Loch Modan A - 32,40 Thelsamar - NW
Northern Stranglethorn A - 51,63 Fort Livingston - North of walls
  H - 40,51 Grom'gol Base Camp - East of bat point
Redridge Mountains A - 24,54 Lakeshire - South across bridge then West along shore
Silverpine Forest H - 49,38 Sepulcher - just outside main entrance
Swamp of Sorrows H - 76,14 Bogpaddle - East, near the shore
The Cape of Stranglethorn A - 52,67 Booty Bay - NE on the shore
  H - 50,70 Booty Bay - East on the shore
The Hinterlands A - 14,50 Aerie Peak - South
  H - 76,74 Revantusk Village
Tirisfal Glades H - 57,51 Brill
Western Plaguelands A - 43,82 Chillwind Camp - North and right at fork in road
Westfall A - 45,62 Moonbrook - North on road
Wetlands A - 13,47 Menethil Harbor - North



Location Faction - Coordinates Description
Blade's Edge Mountains A - 41,65 Sylvanaar - East on road
  H - 50,58 Thunderlord Stronghold
Hellfire Peninsula A - 62,58 Honor Hold - East on road
  H - 57,42 Thrallmar - SE
Nagrand A - 50,70 Telaar - West outside entrance
  H - 51,31 Garadar - West outside entrance
Netherstorm A - 31,62 Area 52
  H - 32,68 Area 52
Shadowmoon Valley A - 40,54 Wildhammer Stronghold - East just on other side of wall
  H - 33,30 Shadowmoon Village - East road
Terokkar Forest A - 54,56 Allerian Stronghold - West
  H - 52,43 Stonebreaker Hold - East of flight point
Zangarmarsh A - 69,52 Telredor - South outside entrance
  H - 35,52 Zabra'jin - East of flight point



Location Faction - Coordinates Description
Borean Tundra A - 55,20 Fizzcrank Airstrip
  H - 51,11 Bor'Gorok Outpost
Crystalsong Forest A - 77,74 Windrunner's Overlook
  H - 79,53 Sunreaver's Command
Dragonblight A - 74,43 Wintergarde Keep
  H - 38,48 Agmar's Hammer
Grizzly Hills A - 34,60 Amberpine Lodge
  H - 19,61 Conquest Hold
Howling Fjord A - 57,15 Fort Wildervar
  H - 48,13 Camp Winterhoof
Sholazar Basin A - 47,65 River's Heart
  H - 47,61 River's Heart
Storm Peaks A - 41,87 K3
  H - 40,85 K3
Zul'Drak A - 40,61 Argent Stand
  H - 43,71 Argent Stand



Location Faction - Coordinates Description
Deepholm 49,51 Temple of the Earth
Hyjal 63,22 Nordrassil
Twilight Highlands A - 47,28 Thundermar
  H - 53,46 Bloodgulch - Southern
Uldum A - 53,32 Ramkahen
  H - 53,34 Ramkahen
Vashj'ir 49,42 Shimmering Expanse - Silver Tide Hollow



Location Faction - Coordinates Description
Dread Wastes 56,70 Soggy's Gamble
Krasarang Wilds 75,9 Zhu's Watch
Townlong Steppes 72,56 Longying Outpost
Valley of the Four Winds 56,54 Halfhill Market
Jade Forest 47,47 Dawn's Blossom
Kun-Lai Summit 71,91 Binan Village
Vale of Eternal Blossoms A - 79,37 Mogu'shan Palace
  H - 77,34  



Just do them all, they're easy and self explanatory. The "Honor the Flame," "Desecrate This Fire," and "Stealing ....'s Flame" count as quests as well.

Note that for "An Innocent Disguise" you're looking for a blue, twinkly bonfire with 3 Naga's surrounding it. It's west of the entrance to Blackfathom Deeps on the shore. To turn the quest in, use the Totemic Beacon again (out of any aggro ranges) and wait for the wolf.


Midsummer Fire Festival Vendor Items

Horde - Midsummer Merchants are in Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff, Silvermoon, and the Undercity.

Alliance - Midsummer Suppliers are in Stormwind City, Darnassus, and Exodar.

Burning Blossoms Item
2 Fiery BrewFiery Festival Brew
2 Summer PetalsHandful of Summer Petals
5 SmorcToasted Smorc
5 Smorc IngredientsBag of Smorc Ingredients
5 SausageMidsummer Sausage
5 Toasted BunFire-Toasted Bun
5 Elderberry PieElderberry Pie
5 Midsummer TorchJuggling Torch
100 Midsummer VestmentVestment of Summer
100 Midsummer MantleMantle of the Fire Festival
200 Midsummer SandalsSandals of Summer
350 Captured Midsummer FlameCaptured Flame
350 Midsummer Brazier of FlamesBrazier of Dancing Flames


And Why Become a Flame Keeper/Warden?

The top one reason to be a Flame Keeper/Warden is a huge proto-drake!

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