Wow Lunar Festival Guide

lunar-festival Lunar Festival is a Wow Holiday loosely based on the Chinese New Year celebration. Wow Lunar Festival consists of quests, novelty items, achievements, and of course fireworks. The Lunar Festival is a time for celebration, happiness, and fortune.

Coins of Ancestry/Elders

coin of ancestry All you need to do is find an Elder (listed below) and talk to them and your quest is complete. Every Elder provides 1 Coin of Ancestry and only 1; however, you may revisit an Elder the following year of the Lunar Festival. There are a total of 84 Elders, each of them standing in a circle of light with some being more difficult to reach than others.

You can spend Coins of Ancestry on festival outfits, fireworks, food, companions, tailoring patterns, and engineering schematics. These coins don't expire so if you want to, feel free to save them for next year's Lunar Festival.

Along with a Coin of Ancestry, players will also receive a Lucky Red Envelope when visiting an Elder which contains either a Lucky Rocket Cluster or an Elder's Moonstone.



The beast Omen is a main component of the Lunar Festival. He was once defeated long ago in Moonglade, but every year he respawns at the Lunar Festival. This gives players a chance to experience a unique raid-style encounter and is required for the Lunar Festival Title and Elune's Blessing achievement.

To get to Omen you first need to talk to a Lunar NPC in a major city and they will give you an invitation and an Elder Moonstone. Before leaving the major city, make sure you purchase Rocket Clusters because you need them to summon Omen. Then, stand in the beam of light near the holiday NPCs in any major city and right-click on your Lunar Festival Invitation to transport you to Moonglade.

In Moonglade, south of Stormrage Barrow Dens are Rocket Cluster launchers that you need to use, they're at 64,60 and 63,62. Launch Rocket Clusters and ghost wolf mobs will spawn, pwn those mobs and eventually Omen will appear. Pwn Omen and stand in his beam of light for the achievement.


Lunar Festival Achievements for Lunar Fest Title, Elder

Complete every achievement to obtain To Honor One's Elders.

Elune's Blessing - Complete the Elune's Blessing quest by defeating Omen.

Frenzied Firecracker - Shoot of 10 Festival Firecrackers in 30 seconds or less.

Frenzied Firecracker - Purchase a Festive Pant Suit/Festive Dress with Coins of Ancestry.

The Red Rocket's Glare - Shoot of 10 Red Rocket Clusters in 25 seconds or less.

A Coins of Ancestry - Receive a Coin of Ancestry.

5 Coins of Ancestry - Receive 5 Coins of Ancestry.

10 Coins of Ancestry - Receive 10 Coins of Ancestry.

25 Coins of Ancestry - Receive 25 Coins of Ancestry.

50 Coins of Ancestry - Receive 50 Coins of Ancestry.


Elders of the Alliance - Honor the following Elders:

Elder Zone Coords Location
Elder Bladeswift Darnassus 39,92 Center of the Cenarion Enclave.
Elder Bronzebeard Ironforge 29,16 The Mystic Ward.
Elder Hammershout Elwynn Forest 34,50 At the gates of Stormwind.


Elders of the Horde - Honor the following Elders:

Elder Zone Coords Location
Elder Darkhorn Durotar 52,60 Near the Flight Master at the center of Orgrimmar.
Elder Darkcore Tirisfal Glades 67,40 Upstairs in the throne room of the Undercity.
Elder Wheathoof Mulgore 72,23 The Elder Rise in the Thunder Bluff.


Elders of Cataclysm - Honor the following Elders:

Elder Zone Coords Location
Elder Deepforge Deepholm 28,69 Stonehearth.
Elder Stonebrand Deepholm 50,55 The Temple of the Earth.
Elder Windsong Hyjal 27,62 Sanctuary of Malorne.
Elder Eversahde Mount Hyjal 63,23 Nordrassil.
Elder Darkfeather Twilight Highlands 52,33 Thundermar Ruins.
Elder Firebeard Twilight Highlands 51,70 Dunwald Town Square in Dunwald Ruins.
Elder Menkhaf Uldum 65,18 Khartut's Tomb, NE of the big statue.
Elder Sekhemi Uldum 32,63 Ruins of Ammon.
Elder Moonlace Vashj'ir 57,86 Biel'aran Ridge.


Elders of the Dungeons - Honor the following Elders:

Elder Zone Coords Location
Elder Nurgen Azjol-Nerub 22,44 Jump down the hole after Hardronox.
Elder Morndeep Blackrock Depths 50,63 Inside the Ring of Law.
Elder Stonefort Lower Blackrock Spire 62,40 At the beginning of the rope bridges.
Elder Kilias Drak'Tharon Keep 69,79 To the left of King Dred's pen.
Elder Ohanzee Gundrak 47,62 Behind the Drakkari Colossus.
Elder Yurauk Halls of Stone 23,62 Found on the way to Krystallus.
Elder Splitrock Maraudon 52,94 Found in the tunnel that leads to the Goblin from Rotgrip.
Elder Igasho The Nexus 55,65 To the right of Ormorock the Tree-Shaper's ramp.
Elder Farwhisper The Stratholm 80,22 Past Festival Lane.
Elder Starsong Temple of Atal'Hakkar 63,35 Sunken Temple.
Elder Jarten Utgarde Keep 47,70 To the left after the first set of stairs.
Elder Chogan'gada Utgarde Pinnacle 49,23 Under the stairs after Skadi the Ruthless.
Elder Wildmane Zul'Farrak 35,39 SE corner.


Elders of Eastern Kingdoms - Honor the following Elders:

Elder Zone Coords Location
Elder Bellowrage Blasted Lands 54,49 You need to talk to Zidormi(48,7) to be able to see this elder at the Dark Portal.
Elder Winterhoof Booty Bay 39,72 Near the Horde Flight Master on top of the bank.
Elder Rumblerock Burning Steppes 70,45 Dreadmaul Rock.
Elder Dawnstrider Burning Steppes 53,24 Flame Crest.
Elder Goldwell Dun Morogh 53,49 Kharanos.
Elder Windrun Eastern Plaguelands 35,68 Inside the Crown Guard Tower.
Elder Snowcrown Eastern Plaguelands 75,54 Light's Hope Chapel.
Elder Stormbrow Elwynn Forest 40,63 Goldshire.
Elder Highpeak The Hinterlands 50,48 Creeping Ruin.
Elder Silvervein Loch Modan 33,46 Thelsamar.
Elder Ironband  Searing Gorge 21,79 Blackchar Cave.
Elder Obsidian Silverpine Forest 45,41 The Sepulcher.
Elder Graveborn Tirisfal Glades 61,53 Brill.
Elder Meadowrun Western Plaguelands 65,40 Weeping Cave.
Elder Moonstrike Western Plaguelands 69,73 Scholomance.
Elder Starglade Western Plaguelands 71,34 Zul'Gurub.
Elder Skychaser Westfall 56,47 Sentinel Hill.


Elders of Kalimdor - Honor the following Elders:

Elder Zone Coords Location
Elder Riversong Ashenvale 35,48 Astranaar.
Elder Skygleam Azshara 64,79 Ravencrest Monument.
Elder Starweave Darkshore, Lor'danel 50,19 West of Lor'danel.
Elder Runetotem Durotar, Razor Hill 54,44 SE area of Razor Hill.
Elder Nightwind  Felwood 38,52 North of Jaedenar.
Elder Grimtotem Feralas 76,37 Lariss Pavilion.
Elder Mistwalker Feralas 62,31 Inside The Maul.
Elder Bloodhoof Mulgore 48,53 Bloodhoof Village.
Elder Moonwarden Northern Barrens 49,59 The Crossroads.
Elder Windtotem Northern Barrens 68,69 Ratchet.
Elder Primestone Silithus 31,13 Crystal Vale.
Elder Bladesing Silithus 53,35 Cenarion Hold.
Elder High Mountain Southern Barrens 42,48 Vendetta Point.
Elder Ragetotem Tanaris 37,79 Uldum.
Elder Dreamseer Tanaris 51,28 Gadgetzan.
Elder Bladeleaf Teldrassil 57,53 Dolanaar.
Elder Morningdew Thousand Needles 77,76 Fizzle and Pozzik's Speedbarge.
Elder Skyseer Thousand Needles 45,50 Freewind Post.
Elder Thunderhorn Un'Goro 51,75 Slithering Scar.
Elder Brightspear Winterspring 53,57 SE area of Lake Kel'Theril.
Elder Stonespire Winterspring 65,50 Everlook.


Elders of Northrend - Honor the following Elders:

Elder Zone Coords Location
Elder Arp Borean Tundra 57,44 D.E.H.T.A.
Elder Northal Borean Tundra 34,34 Transitus Shield.
Elder Sardis Borean Tundra 59,66 Valliance Keep.
Elder Pamuya Borean Tundra 43,50 Warsong Hold.
Elder Skywarden Dragonblight 35,48 Agmar's Hammer.
Elder Whurain Grizzly Hills 64,47 Camp Oneqwah.
Elder Beldak Grizzly Hills 61,28 Westfall Brigade.
Elder Thoim Dragonblight 49,78 Moa'ki Harbor.
Elder Morthie Dragonblight 30,56 Star's Rest.
Elder Lunaro Grizzly Hills 81,37 Ruins of Tethys.
Elder Sanderene Sholazar Basin 50,64 Lakeside Landing.
Elder Wanikaya Sholazar Basin 64,49 Rainspeaker Rapids.
Elder Stonebeard Storm Peaks 31,38 Bouldercrag's Refuge.
Elder Muraco Storm Peaks 64,51 Camp Tunk'lo.
Elder Fargal Storm Peaks 29,74 Frosthold.
Elder Bluewolf Wintergrasp 49,14 Inside the fortress.
Elder Tauros Zul'Drak 59,56 Zim'Torga.


Lunar Festival Quests

The Lunar Festival

Introductory quest leading you to the Lunar Festival itself. Available in major cities.

Lunar Fireworks

Launch 8 Lunar Fireworks and 2 Cluster Fireworks!

Valadar Starsong

In the moonlight, use the Lunar Festival Invitation to travel to Moonglade. Then go to Nighthaven to speak with Valadar Starsong.

Elune's Blessing 

Summon Omen and defeat him, then return to Valadar Starsong.

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