Wow Feast of Winter Veil Guide

christmas-treeWelcome to the Feast of Winter Veil Guide! In this guide to Winter Veil we sectioned out areas of interest so you can easily pop over to what you are interested in focusing on. Below is the achievement for the Merrymaker title, other achievements, quests, mount costumes, a new pet and much, much more...if you are into nerd points. Along with achievements, the Feast of Winter Veil has fun Winter Veil quests and of course the Winter Veil Disguise.

The Winter Veil disguise is great but if you want something all year round get set up with the Fresh Holly or Preserved Holly!



There are tons of gifts and you can create your own gifts to give your friends. Buy wrapping paper and wrap stuff up! If you are broke because of all the people you had to buy presents for then we suggest getting a Gold Guide.


Feast of Winter Veil Achievements for Merrymaker Title

A Frosty Shake

Put on a Winter Veil Disguise Kit, become a snowman and then /dance with another snowman in Dalaran. The Winter Veil Disguise Kit is mailed to you within 24 hours of completing the quest, "You're a Mean One..."


Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho's

Use mistletoe on the brothers during The Feast of Winter Veil. /kiss Winter Revelers to obtain the mistletoe and use it on the following Brothers. Alliance:

  1. Brother Kristoff - Cathedral Square, Stormwind
  2. Brother Crowley - Cathedral Basement, Stormwind
  3. Brother Benjamin - Cathedral Ground Floor, Stormwind
  4. Brother Joshua - Cathedral Altar - Stormwind
  5. Brother Cassius - Cathedral Right Wing, Stormwind
  6. Bother Nimetz - (47.2, 11.0) Northern Stranglethorn
  7. Brother Wilhelm - Goldshire, Elwynn Forest
  8. Brother Karman - Old Theramore, Dustwallow Marsh


  1. Brother Malach - War Quarter, Undercity
  2. Durkot Wolfbrother - Warsong Hold, Borean Tundra
  3. Brother Keltan - Icecrown Gunship



Change your mount into a flying reindeer with Fresh or Preserved Holly and complete the "Bomb Them Again!" daily quest in Blade's Edge Mountain. If you're out of Holly, /kiss a Winter Reveler. If you have not completed the quest chain for this daily, you'll first need to go to Chu'a'lor at (28.8, 57.4) in Blade's Edge Mountains and complete the following quests: "The Crystals," "Our Boy Wants To Be A Skyguard Ranger," "The Skyguard Outpost," and "Bombing Run."

bomb them away cannon ball stack

Cannon Ball Stacks


He Knows If You've Been Naughty

Open a present under the Winterveil Tree! The trees are located in Orgrimmar or Ironforge and the presents will be there on Christmas Day!


Let It Snow

Use a Handful of Snowflakes on Orc DK, Tauren Shaman, Undead Rogue, Gnome Mage, BE Warlock, Human Warrior, NE Druid, Troll Hunter, Dwarf Paladin and Draenai Priest. /kiss a Winter Reveler if you're out of snowflakes.


On Metzen!

Save Metzen the Reindeer. Once you complete the quest, "You're a Mean One..." this achievement will be awarded to you.



Throw a snowball at Muradin Bronzebeard (Alliance) or Baine Bloodhoof (Horde). Baine Bloodhoof is located in Thunderbluff at (59.8, 51.6) and Muradin Bronzebeard is located in Ironforge at (40.0, 55.0).


Simply Abominable Finish the quest for Smokywood Pastures' stolen treats to receive a Smokywood Pastures' Thank You. This is awarded upon finish of the quest chain that starts with "You're a Mean One..."


The Winter Veil Gourmet

During Winter Veil use your Cooking to make a Gingerbread Cookie, Winter Veil Egg Nog and Hot Apple Cider. If you need Small Eggs go to Eversong Woods and kill the Dragonhawks, they're everywhere.


'Tis the Season

Put on 3 peices of Winter clothing and eat Graccu's Mince Meat Fruitcake during Winter Veil. The Green Winter Hat (or red) is a boss drop in dungeons and you can purchase the Green Winter Clothes (or red) and Winter Boots from the AH.


With a Little Helper from My Friends

Earn 50 honorable kills as a Little Helper from the Winter Wondervolt machine!


General Feast of Winter Veil Achievements


Feast of Winter Veil Quests

Quests are obtained at your respective zone: Orgrimmar or Iron Forge.

A Carefully Wrapped Present AND A Festive Gift AND A Gaily Wrapped Present AND A Gently Shaken Gift

Reward: Carefully Wrapped Gift. Open a present under the Orgrimmar or Ironforge Christmas (Winter Veil) trees on Christmas.

A Smokywood Pastures’ Thank You!

Reward: Some gold and a Smokywood Pastures Gift Pack. Find Greatfather Winter out side the bank in Orgrimmar or Ironforge.

Treats for Great-father Winter

Reward: Some gold and a Smokywood Pastures Gift Pack. Make 5 Gingerbread Cookies and bring 1 Ice Cold Milk to Great-father Winter. You will find the Gingerbread Cookie recipe at one of the holiday vendors and the Ice Cold Milk at your nearest Inn. To make the Gingerbread Cookies you need 5 Small Eggs which might be pretty pricey on the AH. You can farm them from the Dragonhawks in Eversong Woods (they're everywhere) or here's a Gold Guide if you need cash.

A Ticking Present

Reward: Ticking Present. Open a present under the Orgrimmar or Ironforge Christmas (Winter Veil) trees starting on Christmas.

The Feast of Winter Veil

Reward: Faction Reputation. Read the book and deliver it to Muradin Bronzebeard in Ironforge (Alliance) or Baine Bloodhoof in Thunder Bluff (Horde).

The Hero of the Day

Reward: Preserved Holly. Take the Deeprock Salt and 5 gold to any holly preserver machine and preserve your holly! There’s a machine in the Trade District of Stormwind and one behind the Smokywood Pastures wagon, near the doorway to the Great Forge.

You’re a Mean One... - Daily

Reward: Stolen Present. Travel to Southern Alterac Mountains and kill The Abominable Greench. Be careful because the Greench respawns very quickly.


Stolen Present Loot




Feast of Winter Veil Vendor Items

$$$ Item
5 copper Blended Bean Brew
5 copper Candy Cane
5 copper Holiday Cheesewheel
5 copper Holiday Spices
9 copper Blue Ribboned Wrapping Paper
9 copper Green Ribboned Wrapping Paper
9 copper Purple Ribboned Wrapping Paper
9 copper Snowball
20 copper Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater
23 copper Recipe: Gingerbread Cookie
45 copper Holiday Spirits
1s 35copper Steamwheedle Fizzy Spirits
2s 16copper Recipe: Winter Veil Egg Nog
9 silver Green Garden Tea
9 silver Sparkling Apple Cider
18 silver Greatfather's Winter Ale
18 silver Spicy Beefstick
36 silver Honeyed Holiday Ham
45 silver Pattern: Green Winter Clothes - Horde
45 silver Pattern: Red Winter Clothes - Alliance
45 silver Pattern: Winter Boots
90 silver Recipe: Hot Apple Cider
89g 99s 10c Graccu's Homemade Meat Pie

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