Wow Small Brilliant Shard Farming Guide

small-brilliant-shardWhere to find Small Brilliant Shards is pretty easy since you can get Small Brilliant Shards in several ways. This guide goes over 5 important concepts when disenchanting or farming Small Brilliant Shards.

Where to get Small Brilliant Shards by Disenchanting

Small Brilliant Shards are disenchanted from blue weapons and armor between the item levels of 51 and 55 at a 100% rate. If you are disenchanting greens stick to item levels 51 to 55 but realize you will only have a 5% chance for the proc.


Where to find Small Brilliant Shards in Dungeons

  • Sunken Temple
  • Stratholme


Farm Small Brilliant Shards by Crafting Items

What recipes would be the most advantageous to craft Well it depends on your primary crafting profession so lets take a peek. We have guides to grind the following mats as well at our Wow Farming Guides page. These include Cloth farming, Leather farming, Ore farming and Enchanting mat farming.  

Profession Recipe Materials
Leatherworking Wildfeather Leggings
  • 10 Rugged Leather
  • 5 Light Feather
  • 4 Wildvine
  • 2 Cured Thick Hide
  • 1 Rune Thread
Blacksmithing Light Skyforged Axe
Tailoring Cloak of Fire
  • 6 Bolt of Runecloth
  • 4 Essence of Fire
  • 4 Heart of Fire
  • 4 Elemental Fire
  • 1 Rune Thread
Jewelcrafting Emerald Crown of Destruction
  • 2 Huge Emerald
  • 2 Large Opal
  • 2 Blue Sapphire
  • 2 Arcanite Bar
  • 2 Thorium Bar
Inscription Stormbound Tome
  • 10 Light Parchment
  • 8 Ink of the Sky


What Things to Buy from the AH that Disenchant to Small Brilliant Shards

Okay so this means you can just go and buy blue item level 51 to level 55 items which should be pretty cheap since it's so low level.


Honor or Justice Swap for Small Brilliant Shards!

Yes sir/ma'am, that is correct. You can transfer Justice points to Honor and purchase a few items that disenchant to Small Brilliant Shards.

HORDE: The "Level 48 Advisor's Ring" is disenchanted to produce Small Brilliant Shards. It is sold by Kelm Hargunth, the Warsong Supply Officer, located in the Northern Barrens on the following map.

Kelm Hargunth

Take the road north and bang a left into the Warsong area to get the goodies.


Alliance: The "Level 48 Lorekeeper's Ring" is disenchanted to produce Small Brilliant Shards. It is sold by Illiyanna Moonblaze, the Silverwing Supply Officer, located in Ashenvale on the following map.

Illiyanna Moonblaze

Just to the west of the road to the Northern Barrens, Illiyanna Moonblaze sells the goodies to disenchant.

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