Wow Silk Cloth Farming Guide

silkThis WoW Silk Cloth Farming Guide is specifically for farming Silk Cloth. If you are looking for where to farm Silk Cloth in bulk then you are at the correct place and below is all the information needed.

Pwning Humanoid NPCs by Level for Silk Cloth

  • Kill or pickpocket NPCs that are level 19 to 47.
  • Levels 26 to 38 have the best drop rate percentage.

Where to Farm Silk in Dungeons

  • Scarlet Monastery
  • Razorfen Kraul
  • Razorfen Downs
  • Zul'Farrak

Where to Farm Silk in the World of Warcraft


The Dwarfs and Troggs have a high drop quantity, approximately 7 per humanoid.  They might not all drop Wool but when they do, it's gonna be big!

badlands silk

Badlands - Silk Cloth


Dustwallow Marsh

Go after the Blackhoof humanoids; they have a quick respawn.

dustwallow silk

Dustwallow Marsh - Silk Cloth

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