Wow Medium Leather Farming Guide

medium-leatherThis WoW Medium Leather Farming Guide is specifically for farming WoW Medium Leather. If you are looking for where to farm Medium Leather in bulk then you are at the correct place.

Southern Barrens

Skinning Terrortooth Scytheclaws just south of Hunter's Hill (40,23) in the Southern Barrens is continual pwnage with quick spawn time. Use our Leatherworking and Skinning guides if you need to level those.


Southern Barrens - Medium Leather


Stonetalon Mountains

In the Charred Vale, Black Dragon Whelps are easy to kill and might give Heavy Leather too.


Stonetalon Mountains - Medium Leather


Cape of Stranglethorn

Another decent spot to grind Medium Leather is in and around the Crystalvein Mine. Once the cave is cleared they should already be respawned outside.


Cape of Stranglethorn - Medium Leather

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