Wow Knothide Leather Farming Guide

knothide-leatherThis WoW Knothide Leather Farming Guide is specifically for farming WoW Knothide Leather. If you are looking for where to farm Knothide Leather in bulk then you are at the correct place.


Easy skinnin' is the Talbuk Thorngrazers in the Northwest. They are plentiful, re-spawn fast, and easy to kill.

knothide leather farming nagrand

Nagrand - Knothide Leather


Caverns of Time: The Black Morass (if you're level 85 or brave)

It's quick and easy to run around and aggro all the mobs, loot, skin, and reset. The Crocolisks and Jaguars are Skinnable and each run should give approximately 40 Knothide Leathers. Only aggro half though (unless you're a super fast looter/skinner) because they'll disappear before you can finish skinning them all. Get there by going to the Caverns of Time in Tanaris. It's one of the dungeons/instances in CoT.

knothide leather farming the black morass

The Black Morass - Knothide Leather


Karazhan (if you're level 85 or brave)

Go through the servant's quarters near the entrance, clear the hounds and bats, then reset. You do have to be in a raid group for this so get a friend to group with you just so you can run inside. The key is also not needed anymore for all you vanilla heads.

knothide leather farming karazhan

Karazhan - Knothide Leather

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