Wow Frostweave Cloth Farming Guide

frostweaveThis WoW Frostweave Cloth Farming Guide is specifically for farming WoW Frostweave Cloth. If you are looking for where to farm Frostweave Cloth in bulk then you are at the correct place and below is all the information needed.

Tailors - at Tailoring 325 you must complete the quest for Northern Cloth Scavenging. Go to your trainer (a grand master trainer) for the quest and it will enable you to collect extra cloth from Northrend Humanoids.


Pwning Humanoid NPCs by Level for Frostweave Cloth

  • Kill or pickpocket NPCs that are level 68 to 81.
  • Levels 75 to 79 have the best drop rate percentage.


Where to Farm Frostweave Cloth in Dungeons

  • Naxxramas Bats in the Plague Quarter.
  • Utgarde Keep - not very consistent but works for Tailors because they get to pick up extra cloth from their Northern Scavenging!


Where to Farm Frostweave Cloth in the World of Warcraft

Icecrown - Best for Tailors with Northern Cloth Scavenging

Onslaught Harbor Humanoids and Converted Heroes Humanoids.

icecrown frostweave

Icecrown - Frostweave Cloth


Zul'drak - Best for non-Tailors

The Gundrak Fire-eaters (trolls) drop about 3 each with a 90% drop rate. The Gundrak Savages have about a 50% drop rate. They respawn fast so after going through each building make your way around again.

zuldrak frostweave

Zul'drak - Frostweave Cloth

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