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Wow Embersilk Cloth Farming Guide

embersilkThis WoW Embersilk Cloth Farming Guide is specifically for farming WoW Embersilk Cloth. If you are looking for where to farm Embersilk Cloth in bulk then you are at the correct place and below is all the information needed.

Pwning Humanoid NPCs by Level for Embersilk Cloth

  • Kill or pickpocket NPCs that are level 80 to 87.
  • Levels 82 to 85 have the best drop rate percentage.

Where to Farm Embersilk Cloth in Dungeons

  • Stonecore - drop approx. 3 each...pull wisely.

Where to Farm Embersilk Cloth in the World of Warcraft

Twilight Highlands

Mobs on mobs on mobs. Awesome droppage of about 2 pieces each. The mobs will come at you all together, so pull wisely.

twilight embersilk

Twilight Highlands - Embersilk Cloth



In the Northeast, the Grubthumpers and Shroomtenders in Verlok Stand are located high up on an overpass between two large stalagmites protruding from the ground. There are tons of mobs with a super fast spawn time so be ready to AOE and don't fall down. The Stone Trogg humanoids in Stonehearth are easy to kill because of the constant battle occurring and have an instant respawn; however, the Stonehearth mobs have been nerfed and the quantity of Embersilk dropped has lessened quite a bit.


Deepholm - Embersilk Cloth

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