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Wow Draenic Dust Farming Guide

draenic-dustWhere to farm Draenic Dust is pretty easy since you can get Draenic Dust in several ways.  This Draenic Dust farming guide goes over 6 important concepts when disenchanting or farming Draenic Dust.


WoD changed the way we make gold and introduced new opportunities. You can sign up right now for the Secret Gold Guide and have access to weekly gold tips and tons of bonus material.


Where to get Draenic Dust by Disenchanting

  • Green and blue items between the levels of 494-630 DE to Draenic Dust. It has been reported that items as low as 450 might proc some Draenic Dust. See comment below.
  • Items with an ilevel of 582-593 seems to have a higher chance of producing more Draenic Dust.


Where to find Draenic Dust in Dungeons

Any Draenic dungeon or Draenic heroic; they all drop plenty of green quality items. Note that armor is the way to go for dust where weapons yield more shards.


Farm Draenic Dust by Crafting Items through Garrison Follower Missions

The following items can be created through your Garrison follower missions and DE'd for Draenic Dust.

  • Beastminder Chain Gloves - Mail
  • Softfinger Grips - Leather
  • Wallbuilder Guantlets - Plate
  • Windowhanger Wraps - Cloth


Other Ways to get Draenic Dust

You can also purchase Draenic Dust in your Garrison using Garrison Resources at your Trading Post or completing a quest from your Tavern that provides "Faintly-Sparkling Cache." Draenic Dust is in the Faintly Sparkling Cache.


What Things to Buy from the AH that Disenchant to Draenic Dust

Okay so this means you can just go and buy item level (armor, not weapons) 494-630 items but that can be costly. Most people will post these items for several gold each so this could be pricey considering it is just some dust. If you are in need of making some fast cash then check out this Secret Gold Guide.


By shannon

I got a ton of this from items lower than 500. Like 450-480's


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By Poosigalore

This really didn't help me much. I am an enchanter, I just cant find the places where you can get it most...


By scotty


do a dungeon and disenchant everything.


By Drake


Doing a dungeon only gets me one or two items per dungeon. I get more greens from killing random world mobs. Questing seems to get me the most dust, but once the quest lines are finished I have had a hard time finding a good source of the stuff.


By Rob


I agree. I'm having the same exact problem as you. Once I finished gathering all the treasures, killing all rare mobs, and all quests in Draenor, I've had a big problem farming Draenic Dust. Especially with demands I must meet with my Garrison's Level 3 Enchanting Hut. Running out of ideas!


By Welphgryn


This helped me. I didn't know trading post sold draenic dust. I immediately built a lumber mill, and have no problem with dust anymore. I just buy them with garrison resources.


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By Ayné

As soon as you have a character max with a garrison max that has a lumbermill, market and enough followers, you will drown in resources to buy draenic dust. My mage is constantly forced to buy stacks of 200 reagents for 1600 resources that I then send to my alt. Grinding the highest MoP dungeons also yield dust and are easier than the WoD ones. Blood DK with a decent ilvl will get you through it.


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