Wow Gathering and Farming Mods

Imagine for a moment you knew where every herb or ore shows up in the whole game...


Gathermate 2

gathering and farming mods

This is a picture of a lovely windmill.

Gathermate 2 (this link brings you to curse) is the boss when it comes to gathering mods. Everytime you pass over a node or collect a node (be it herb, ore etc.) it marks it on your maps. The next time you pass by the same coordinates it will show you a circle where the node was. If the circle is filled in there is something there.

So why is this helpful? First start at one of our farming guides. Say the Mining Guide  or the Herbalism Guide where we show you the basic path you will want to travel. As you travel over the path we have laid out for you it becomes imbedded in the mod's database.

Now you no longer need to open the webpage for the path. Now you can just keep an eye on your mini-map when cruising around and ensure that you will hit all the possible nodes available. Now that you have the perfect info for gathering you can use those mats to build some sweet stuff and we have guides for that too.

View the profession guides for super detailed leveling information and nice grinding spots can be found in the farming guides. Now go and see the Mining Guide or the Herbalism Guide to find the starting paths to travel.

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