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Wildstar Paths

There are 4 different Paths to choose from in Wildstar, each very different. One path is great for killers and another is great for explorers or social players and Wildstar caters to what you like to do! Wildstar caters to your style of game play with a choice of being an Explorer, Scientist, Warrior or Settler. Below is detailed information on each Path as well as Path Leveling.


wildstar paths


Path Leveling

So what do these Paths get you? Well, there are 30 ranks to the Path system and each Path earns 3 abilities. These 3 abilities increase in power over time are are listed further down this page under each Path type and some of them are badass. Leveling your Path also grants titles, bags, costumes, and home deco.!

Item Rank Awarded
Ability 1 4, 14, 27
Ability 2 4, 5 (6 for Settlers), 18, 29
Ability 3 10, 23, 30
Bags 3, 7, 12, 17, 22, 30
Ground Mount Flair rear at rank 26, side at rank 28
House Deco 8
Titles 2, 6, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30
Festival FABkit - Scientist and Settlers 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 29



Scientist Path

Scientist set goals for themselves in-game to complete these goals as efficiently as possible. These goals include mission impossible tasks, obtaining amazeballs treasure, and keeping a high in-game status. Scientists are over-achievers.


  Ability Description
holographic distract Holographic Distraction Dazes the target with holographic imagery.
summon group Summon Group Pretty self explanatory; the CD does decrease from 60-30 sec. depending on rank.
portal to capital Create a Portal - Capital City Again, pretty self explanatory. This CD decreases from 120-60 sec. depending on rank.

Mission Types

  • Analysis  - Figure it out.
  • Archaeology  - Study relics, robots, and machines.
  • Biology  Discover cool creatures.
  • Botany  - Herbs.
  • Catalog  Write down all that knowledge.
  • Chemistry  Exotic materials and alien compounds.
  • Diagnostics  Handle a problem.
  • Field Study  - Study cultures of the natives.
  • Datacube Decryption - Find and study all Eldan Datacubes.
  • Experimentation - uhhh....experiment with things.
  • Lore - discover the lore of the inhabitants.



Explorer Path

Explorers of course want to explore and know all about the game world. They're a source for information and look to find secrets and search out hidden knowledge.


  Ability Description
safe fall Explorer's Safe Fall Fall damage reduced from 15-45% depending on rank.
air brakes Air Brakes Stops imd-air for a split second jump.
translocate beacon Translocate Beacon Saves your current position to teleport to later!

Mission Types

  • Cartography  Make maps by traveling and charting unexplored territory.
  • Exploration  Find hidden locations.
  • Expedition  Explore every piece of the unknown.
  • Operations  Get the job done.
  • Scavenger Hunt - Find a list of hard-to-get items.
  • Staking Claim  - Claim some territory.
  • Surveillance  Spy on the enemy.
  • Tracking  Track enemies.



Soldier Path

The killers path. They pwn.

And then they pwn some more.


  Ability Description
back into the fray Back into the Fray Restores you to full power with a couple conditions. The CD on this decreases from 30-15 sec depending on rank.
bail out Bail Out! Teleport your party to safety; this CD goes from 30-20 sec depending on rank.
combat supply drop Combat Supply Drop Call down a weapon locker for your party! The locker will have 1-3 wepons depending on rank!

Mission Types

  • Assassination  track down and eliminate the enemy.
  • Demolition  blow up stuff.
  • Rescue Op  - save hostages.
  • SWAT  special Weapons And Tactics.
  • Holdout - Conquer -  defend your territory.
  • Holdout - First Strike -  kill the enemy before reinforcement is called.
  • Holdout - Protect -  defend allies.
  • Holdout - Security -  defend against stealing criminals.
  • Holdout - Timed -  survive the onslaught until the timer ends!
  • Holdout - Fortify - use the defenses to prevent your target from being destroyed.



Settler Path

Settlers are social. Settlers like role-play.


  Ability Description
settlers campfire Settler's Campfire Spawn a campfire for warmth.
mail box Summon: Mail Box Get your mail.
summon vendbot Summon: Vendbot Summons a venbot for 60-120 sec. depending on rank.
summon crafting Summon: Crafting Station Summons a crafting station.

Mission Types

  • Expansion  Build for the well being of others.
  • Civil Defense  - Lend a hand with the town’s guards.
  • Supply Cache  - Gather supplies.
  • Project - Build necessary buildings.
  • Public Service  - Do a good deed.
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