Wildstar Starloom Cloth Farming

wildstar starloom clothThis Wildstar Starloom Cloth Farming Guide is specifically for farming Wildstar Starloom Cloth.  If you are looking for where to farm Starloom Cloth in bulk then you are at the correct place and below is all the information needed.


Scourwind Perch: Pwn the Scourwind humanoids! Avoid the Scourwind Heralds and Scourwind Renders because they don't drop anything, so it's pointless. While farming in this area you will also come across Manaweave Cloth.

Scourwind Herald

Fleshfouler Village: Pwn all Writhing humanoids and be sure to keep an eye out for those champions! Here you will also loot Manaweave Cloth.

Malgrave - Starloom Cloth


Northern Grimvault

Cryomere: Walk around this area and defeat all of the Writhing humanoids. They are sure to drop some Starloom Cloth!

Northern Grimvault - Starloom Cloth


By Lazarus

Site says that Malgrave is the the place to farm Starloom. This is not correct. In Malgrave, the rare drop is Smart Cloth.


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