Wildstar Stalker Guide

stalkerAn ambushing or disruptive specialist, pwn with huge amounts of damage or tank it up baby!



Exile Dominion
humanHuman cassianCassian
aurinAurin drakenDraken
mordeshMordesh mechariMechari



  • DPS: Staggering Strike and Nano Virus
  • Tank: Decoy and Cripple


Armor and Gear

  • Light Armor - upgrades to Medium
  • Claw, Devices, Nano-Skin



  DPS Tank
Primary Stats brutalityBrutality techTechnology
Secondary Stats moxieMoxie insightInsight
  finesseFinesse gritGrit



  Attribute Each Point Provides
brutality Brutality
  • +.50 Assault Power
finesse Finesse
  • +.25 Strikethrough Rating
  • +.50 Critical Severity Rating
moxie Moxie
  • +.50 Critical Chance Rating
  • +.50 Critical Severity Rating
tech Tech
  • +..37 Support Power
insight Insight
  • +.50 Deflect Critical Hit Rating
  • +.25 Deflect Rating
grit Grit
  • +14 Base Health



  1. It may seem sketchy going in there with Medium Armor as a tank, but you can use nanites to beef yourself up.
  2. Stealth, Stealth, Stealth! And move!

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