Wildstar Medic Guide

medicAt one time their only goal in life was to renew; now they’ve added destruction… Those darn multitasking resonators.



Exile Dominion
humanHuman cassianCassian
granokGranok chuaChua
mordeshMordesh mechariMechari



  • DPS: Medium range with Atomize and Gamma Ray abilities
  • Healer: Melee with more buffers than life pools
  • Hybrid: Some healing spells increase the damage of your next ability and some deal both damage and heals


Armor and Gear

  • Medium Armor
  • Resonators, Auras, Probes



  DPS Tank
Primary Stats techTechnology insightInsight
Secondary Stats moxieMoxie moxieMoxie
  brutalityBrutality brutalityBrutality



  Attribute Each Point Provides
brutality Brutality
  • +.25 Strikethrough Rating
  • +.50 Critical Severity Rating
finesse Finesse
  • +.25 Deflect Rating
  • +.50 Deflect Critical Hit Rating
moxie Moxie
  • +.50 Critical Chance Rating
  • +.50 Critical Severity Rating
tech Tech
  • +.50 Assault Power
insight Insight
  • +.50 Support Power
grit Grit
  • +14 Base Health



  1. Positioning of fields is an intense strategy that should be payed close attention to.
  2. You will rely immensely on your mobility.
  3. Keep track of your allies and tanks, you will need to stay close to them in order to fill their needs.
  4. Be prepared for an awesome beginning of a battle, because midway you will find your abilities recharging. You might do a bit of waiting around before finishing the enemy off.

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