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Wildstar Esper Guide

esperThey may seem a bit psychotic, but they will kick your ass.



Exile Dominion
humanHuman cassianCassian
aurinAurin chuaChua



  • DPS: Range
  • Healer: Long Range


Armor and Gear

  • Light Armor
  • Psychic Abilities for Psyblades and Projections



  DPS Tank
Primary Stats moxieMoxie insightInsight
Secondary Stats finesseFinesse finesseFinesse
  brutalityBrutality brutalityBrutality



  Attribute Each Point Provides
brutality Brutality
  • +.25 Strikethrough Rating
  • +.50 Critical Severity Rating
finesse Finesse
  • +.50 Critical Chance Rating
  • +.50 Critical Severity Rating
moxie Moxie
  • +.61 Assault Rating
tech Tech
  • +.25 Deflect Rating
  • +.50 Deflect Critical Hit Rating
insight Insight
  • +.50 Support Power
grit Grit
  • +14 Base Health



  • Illusory or ghostly minions with a short duration



  1. Not always a sketchy DPS. Do it right and you could be one of the best.
  2. Watchful placement and good timing is necessary.
  3. Keep clear of extreme monsters, your armor isn’t that great… But it’s mobile!
  4. You don’t always have to dash and cast. Standing your ground is doable with the correct techniques.


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