Wildstar Engineer Guide


Engineers aren't grease monkeys, they're blood monkeys!



Exile Dominion
humanHuman cassianCassian
granokGranok chuaChua
mordeshMordesh mechariMechari



  • DPS: Range
  • Tank: Range


Armor and Gear

  • Heavy Armor
  • Launchers, Bots, Exo-Suit



  DPS Tank
Primary Stats finesseFinesse techTechnology
Secondary Stats moxieMoxie insightInsight
  brutalityBrutality gritGrit



  Attribute Each Point Provides
brutality Brutality
  • +.25 Strikethrough Rating
  • +.50 Critical Severity Rating
finesse Finesse
  • +.37 Assault Power
moxie Moxie
  • +.50 Critical Chance Rating
  • +.50 Critical Severity Rating
tech Tech
  • +.37 Support Power
insight Insight
  • +.50 Deflect Critical Hit Rating
  • +.25 Deflect Rating
grit Grit
  • +14 Base Health



  1. When playing as a ranged tank, be careful not to pull the enemy mobs towards your DPS teammates.
  2. Bots regenerate shields.
  3. No need to rely on kiting.
  4. Use your pet to taunt.

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