Rift Foraging Guide

rift-foraging-50x50This Rift Foraging Leveling guide helps beginners to advanced players level their Foraging from 1-450 in the most efficient manner.

Foraging Tips:


Train for Novice Foraging Levels 1-80

At 75 you need to hit up your trainer for Skilled Foraging.


Train for Skilled Foraging Levels 80 - 150


If you're starting or leveling a toon, we recommend using a Leveling Guide.


Train for Expert Foraging Levels 150 - 225


Train for Master Foraging Levels 225 - 300


Train for Grandmaster Foraging Levels 300 - 375

  • From 300-330 you still want to go after Chimera's Cloak and Linden Timber.
  • For 330-350 pwn the Fledgling Drake in Ardent Domain and at 335 you can also go for Frazzleweed and Elm Timber.
  • At 350 go to Southern area of The Dendrome, annihilate the groups of Equinox Drake, Blackthorn Bloom, and Blackthorn Thrall to Forage them.


ardent domain Foraging Map

Ardent Domain - Fledgling Drake


the dendrome Foraging Map

The Dendrome - Equinox Drake, Blackthorn Bloom, and Blackthorn Thrall


Train for Savant Foraging Levels 375 - 450

Farm for Sarleaf at Goboro Reef to level up to 450! You can also go to Tarken Glacier if you want, check out the Sarleaf Farming page.

goboro reef sarleaf

Goboro Reef - Sarleaf


Foraging Training Schedule

Level Rank
1-75 Novice Foraging
75-150 Skilled Foraging
150-225 Expert Foraging
225-300 Master Foraging
300-375 Grandmaster Foraging
375-450 Savant Foraging


Foraging Trainers

Faction Rank Name Location
Defiant Novice Cherendash Boke Ark of the Ascended, Freemarch
Defiant Novice Olthin Idren Kelari Refure, Freemarch
Defiant Master Temur Arslan Epoch Plaza, Meridian
Guardian Novice Peligren Tice Argent Glade, Silverwood
Guardian Novice Clive Adar Divine Landing, Silverwood
Guardian Skilled Jorda Tacklegrub Gloamwood Pines, Gloamwood
Guardian Master Rentwhist Coverdale Bahralt Street, Sanctrum
Neutral Master Craya Mordrain Riverbank Cutoff, Droughtlands
Neutral Master Albert Tilbin Fortune's Shore, Shimmersand
Neutral Grandmaster Arbon Brakumon Tulan, Cape Jule
Neutral Grandmaster Arbon Amanto Tuldio Retreat, Kingdom of Pelladane
Neutral Grandmaster Batos Sonis The Canals, Tempest Bay
Neutral Grandmaster Marcario Iosco Southwall Bunker, Eastern Kingdoms
Neutral Savant   Atragarian Well, Goboro Reef
Neutral Savant Bucky Brambles Choreburg, Draumheim

By Help me loosing my hair.

I took up the profession for Foraging.. Cant fine a place to Forag wood. Please help me. i have now over 18 piece of wood an no place to work on it.. an the button to make planks is gray out.


By amy


You have to go to a forge, it's where all the crafting stations are inside Meridian or Sanctum. It will be where the Mining trainer is.


By Skylark


Actually Forge is for crafting weapons, armor and bars. To craft a lumber, you need to go to a workstation, which is close to a Forge. Ask a guard where you can find the Trade skill trainers, and close to them are forges and workstations etc...


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By Aneenah

I'm at 315 for foraging and linden timber is useless at this point, and I'm too low for frazzleweed.


By pwn


I know it blows but Linden Timber and Chimera's Cloak have to get you to 330 at least. This set of levels (300-375) was the previous skill cap so it's a little harder. Also, Frazzleweed isn't available until 335 and we corrected that. Check out http://pwniversity.com/rift/articles/wood-and-herbs-by-level too.


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By Tadewen

At 290 you can also go to Citizen's Library in City Core and kill/forage the Ironbark


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