Rift Summerfest Guide

summerfest-rift This Rift Summerfest Guide includes quests, achievements, companions, scavenger hunts, and much more!

Summerfest Achievements

Angling for the Top

Catch 100 Summer Sunfish in Mathosia.

Angling for More

Catch 100 Summer Sunfish in Brevane or Dusken.


Eradicate 300 Bugs!

Not So Lazy Summer

Complete 20 Summerfest Daily Quests.


Complete the Morban Challenge in the Great Dusken Savenger Hunt Part 2 and your reward will provide Lenny's Finest. Drink up and drink them all!

Summertime Scavengery

Complete all 4 Summerfest Scavenger Hunts, the Little and Great Scavenger Hunts parts 1 and 2.

Summer Hunting Season: Open

Complete all the Summerfest "Capture" quests - it seems these are only available in phase 1 but they do provide tons of xp.

Summer of Love

Complete the quest "Pucker Up" in Freemarch or "Hylas Needs a Hug" in Silverwood. See the Freemarch or Silverwood Challenge below under The Little Scavenger Hunt part 1.

Stillmoor Thoroughbred

Complete the quest "Take a Lap Around Stillmoor." See the Stillmoor Challenge below under The Great Scavenger Hunt part 1.

Riddle Me This

Complete the quest "Locate the Book of Riddles." This is a subquest of The Great Scavenger Hunt, part 2 in Iron Pine Peak.

Live Strong

Complete the quest "Attitude Adjustment."  This provides the title "The Aggresive" and is a subquest of The Great Scavenger Hunt, part 2 in Moonshade Highlands.

Flea Bitten Menace

Complete the quest "Delouse the Itychy Werewolves." This is a subquest of The Little Scavenger Hunt, part 2 in Gloamwood.

Bug Juice

Defeat 300 Swarmbrood Creatures during the Exuvia of Khargroth zone event.

What Vacation?

Complete all the Dusken and Brevane Scavenger Hunts.

Fun in the Sun

Complete all the Summerfest Achievements listed below:

  • Summertime Scavengery - complete all Summerfest Scavenger Hunts (4 = Little and Great Scavenger Hunts Parts 1 and 2).
  • Not So Lazy Summer - complete 20 Summerfest quests.
  • Angling for the Top - catch 100 Summer Sunfish.
  • Exterminator - squish 300 bugs while working on the day quest Bug Squishing.

Summer Jammin'

Complete the following Acheivements:

  • What Vacation?
  • Bug Juice
  • Angling for More
  • Summer Hunting Season: Open



Summerfest Quests

Quests are obtained at your respective zone: Meridian or Sanctum.

Bug Squishingbug-squishing

Squish some bugs! Quick! Go outside and jump on the bugs to squish them.

Sandwiches for Everyone!

Make 10 Sunfish Po' Boys.

Lurecraft - Fishing Daily

Make 2 Summer Sunfish Lures.

Summer Sunfisin' - Fishing Daily

Catch 10 Summer Sunfish near Summer Sunplants.

Capture Quests - it seems these are only available in phase 1

There's a ton. Just do what the quest says to do, make sure you're tracking the quest in your quest log, and follow the in-game quest helper. Return to the quest giver for completion. These quests provide tons of xp.


If you are still leveling your character or just started a new alt, we recommend using a leveling guide. You can level your character to 50 in 48 hours!.


Summerfest Scavenger Hunts

Go to Shyla Starhearth in Sanctum at (7423, 3130) or Sylver Valis in Meridian at (6205, 5196) to begin the Scavenger Hunts. For Brevane and Dusken go to Tempest Bay. Use the in-game quest helper to find the Scavenger Hunt Task Masters in their respective locations

Phase 1

The Little Scavenger Hunt, Part 1 (available in phase 1 and 2)

  • Freemarch Challenge: Pucker Up - go /kiss Jakub at (7041, 5340) .
  • Silverwood Challenge: Hylas Needs a Hug - /hug Hylas in the Hedgerow Court at (6587, 2490).  Zoom in on your map for an easy view to get through the maze.
  • Stonefield Challenge: Troll Treasure - it's behind Thingar's tent at (5586, 4667).
  • Gloamwood Challenge: Find the Tree of Wisdom in Gloamwood - it's at the Standing Stones (5035, 2710).
  • Scarlet Gorge Challenge: Human Barrel Ride - begin at (3754, 2683) at the very top of Riverfell, through the mine to the very top and then jump through 10 of those golden rings down the waterfalls.


The Great Scavenger Hunt, Part 1 (available in phase 1 and 2)

  • summerfest-plant-trees-mushroom-stumpScarwood Reach Challenge: Plant Trees in Scarwood Reach - go to (3892, 4109), then (3940, 4032), then (3904, 4031), jump up and repeat. Do you see the mushroom surrounded stump?
  • Moonshade Highlands Challenge: Swim With The Fishes - walk through the first golden circle , to start  and then swim.  If you miss, the next one won't show up but you can turn around and go through the missed circle and Flickering through them doesn't work! If you're out of breath, there are air swirls in the water for some O2.
  • creepy-crawliesDroughtlands Challenge: Creepy Crawlies - go into the ant hole entrances at (8293, 7216) or (8149, 7199) and find the blue, sparkly larvae.
  • Iron Pine Peak Challenge: The Missing Mountaineer - he's at (3384, 1458).
  • Shimmersand Challenge: Deliver Ice Cream in Shimmersand - this is a timed quest that begins in Iron Pine Peak at (4489, 1701) and ends in Shimmersand at (7701, 7641). It is timed so get over there!
  • Stillmoor Challenge: Take a Lap Around Stillmoor - easy, just follow the in-game quest helper one-by-one to 4 scenic overlooks.


The Great Dusken Scavenger Hunt, Part 1 (available in phase 1 but can complete during phase 2)

  • TALK YOURSELF HORSE RIFTPelladane Challenge: Talk Yourself Horse - have a conversation with a talkative horse in Pelladane. The nearest to the quest giver is at (7530, 4874) or try (7750, 5400) and if they're not there, just wait a sec.
  • Seratos Challenge: Skull Rain - collect a Mystic Skull. These are found in difficult to reach places and may require using a jump/launch pad. The video below shows one found at (11677, 5872). You can also try going to (11,656, 6066) and kill the Stormsparks to loot a Static Charge, this enables the purple jump/launch pad. Be quick about it because it pulls you back and it might take more than a few launches.
  • Morban Challenge: Danse Macabre - /dance with the dead guys, Dancing Dead. A few reported locations are (12894, 6769), (13535, 6575), (13062, 6437), or (12549, 6998).  The locs move on respawn and are not permanent; if you find a spot they just left, a Dead Tired Dancer will stay behind and direct you to their next location.
  • Steppes of Infinity Challenge: Super Charger - collect a positive and negative charge and jump! Hover on the twinkly rod sticking out the top of the platform to see if it's positive or negative; if positive, use the negative charge pulse and if negative use the positive charge pulse. When standing close to the platform and hitting the opposite charge, the charge boosts/jumps you on top of the platform so make sure you're not under or else you'll just hit the bottom. Once you land on the top of the platform HURRY and collect the respective charge. Locations of the platforms are (17004, 8355), (17246, 7533), (15673, 7742), (16175, 7184), (16467, 8544), (16874, 6507), (14702, 8307) and (16505, 5881).

Summerfest Skull Rain Jumping Puzzle - Seratos Challenge


The Great Brevane Scavenger Hunt, Part 1 (available in phase 1 but can complete during phase 2)

  • Cape Jule Challenge: I'm Falling for Jule - jump through rings along the falls until you reach 20 points (4 green rings). You can go up the mountain and scale it to get to the top-most green ring at (7359, 11400); but, it might be possible to just repeat the easy 4th ring at (7599, 11633) over and over.
  • City Core Challenge: Smarter than the Average Bogling - find the sparkly picnic basket in the huts at (7291, 8470).
  • toxic soil 3Eastern Holdings Challenge: A Simple Bean - plant the bean in Toxic Soil. The Toxic Soil is a sparkly, green mound and is found throughout Eastern Holdings.  A few places are (8042, 8444), (8730, 7559), or (7865, 9630).
  • firework fuse 4Ardent Domain Challenge: Fire in the Sky - light 6 Brevanic Firework Fuses throughout Ardent Domain. They're located at (5627, 9394), (5296, 9587), (5296, 10285), (6004, 10406), (4829, 9736) at the top of the dome, and (6129, 9124) on top of the slanted roof thing above you.
  • feral nest 1Kingsward Challenge: A Game of Chicken - /chicken a Feral Cockatrice to startle it and collect the egg. Sit back, relax, and get ready to camp!  A grouping of 4 nests is located by the Armory port at (5624, 8248), (5551, 8255), (5557, 8283), and (5587, 8287).
  • Ashora Challenge: Chasing the Rainbow - find the lost Summerfest Chest located at one of the following reported locations (4548, 6059), (1734, 5743), (2110, 6400), (2050, 7210), (2294, 8641), or (3876, 8254).
  • Dendrom Challenge: Grill Master - use your Survival skills to craft 12 Hotdogs (Survival level 45), 6 Steak Kabobs (Survival level 60), and 10 Crystalfish Burgers (Survival level 50). All recipes required are taught by the Survival Trainer.


Phase 2

The Little Scavenger Hunt, Part 2 (available in phase 2)

  • Freemarch Challenge: Fabulous, Fun Fishing in Freemarch - catch 5 Normal-Eyed Guppies and 2 Deep March Eels in the water by the quest giver or some other water in Freemarch.
  • Silverwood Challenge: Save the Spirit Guide - find the Confused Spirit Guide in the Wayward Thicket around (6922, 2988) and save her, she's a small deer running and hopping everywhere.
  • Stonefield Challenge: Grave Courage - go into the Catacombs behind the Cathedral in the Harrow, keep going until you reach a huge hole and jump down to enter the graves 'Behind the Iron Gates.' Go to (5128, 4772) in the crypt and stay there for 5 minutes to complete the challenge.  You'll know you're in the correct place when you're behind purple beams of light.  and you're hanging out with skeletons and "Bug Squishing" beetles.
  • Gloamwood Challenge: Delouse the Itchy Werewolves - go to (5377, 3058) and powder up some werewolves.
  • unexplored-seam-scarlet-gorge-2Scarlet Gorge Challenge: Gorging on Gold - find 10 Gold Samples inside Unexpected Seams.  They look like sparkly, gold rocks and should be inside caves and mines.  Known locations are Frayworn Rock, 3 inside Ironroot Draw at (4875, 4197), Riverfell, and Thunderwork Ridge (4649, 3888).


The Great Scavenger Hunt, Part 2 (available in phase 2)

  • Scarwood Reach Challenge: Harpy Chow - find the large stumps in Granitewood Haunt around (3397, 4201) and go into the base to find Ironwood Vipers; the Tamed Harpy Chick will auto attack.
  • tar-bones-droughtlandsDroughtlands Challenge: Puissant Paleontology - look for Tar Coated Bones in tar pits at Harlan's Lament (8050, 6841) and Forage them. They're under the surface so look for the sparkles.
  • foul-mouthed-bogling-moonshadeMoonshade Highlands Challenge: Attitude Adjustment - use A Good Smakin' to adjust the attitude of 10 Foulmouthed Boglings. They wander and are found in various locations throughout Moonshade.  Try (5705, 1875), (5099, 951), (6161, 1536),  (6621, 1490), (6860, 1310), (6917, 2239), or (6975, 1978). They're tough to spot and without the green nameplate until targeted.
  • Iron Pine Peak Challenge: Locate the Book of Riddles - go inside the cave at (4844, 1673), find the portal keystone in the back corner at (4806, 1777), click it and enter the portal right there at (4817, 1793). Now read The Book of Riddles!
  • Shimmersand Challenge: Beachcombing for the Discerning Vacationist - use the temporary Search for Treasure skill on the shoreline of Shimmersand to uncover hidden treasure.  If you're near a treasure, you will spin toward it and piles of gold spawn when you're close. The little "x's" on the northern shore mark the spots.


  • Stillmoor Challenge: Stillmoor Sparklies -  go to the graveyard on the south side of Burlingham around (2329, 2409) and find the objects below.



The Great Dusken Scavenger Hunt, Part 2 (available in phase 2)

  • Pelladane Challenge: Road Trip - sign the petition and get carried away to the path above the city.  Mount and ride away! Green circles are a speed boost and yellow circles make you jump the gaps so don't miss the yellow circles.
  • seratos-egg-sac-Seratos Challenge: Scotophobia - to to the Bone Maze at (12053, 4337) and in approx. the center is the egg sac at (12025, 4315). Save your Recall to get out!
  • steppes-of-infinity-pile-gold-2Steppes of Infinity Challenge: Trollin' for Treasure - run over 20 piles of gold east of the NPC quest-giver.
  • Morban Challenge: Estranged Brew - collect the 6 different types of booze below. The first location listed has been confirmed and the following are reported locations. The NPC is also a mover; but, the in-game quest helper provides all possible locations.
    • Blortt's Brown Ale - (14361, 7409), (13360, 4949), or (14390, 5298).
    • Golden Flow Lager - (13103, 6406) inside on the 2nd level or (13643, 7393).
    • Stout of the Tormented - (12553, 5642), (14500, 6392), or (12520, 7533).
    • Porter of Potential Potency - (14680, 6753), (13690, 6464), or (13690, 5464).
    • Pilsner of Punishment - (14911, 6246) or (15270, 5146) or (12968, 5228)
    • Harry's Hoppin' Hope IPA - (14180, 7194), (13066, 7967), or (13852, 7097).


The Great Brevane Scavenger Hunt, Part 2 (available in phase 2)

  • cape-jule-skunkCape Jule Challenge: Summerfest Infestation - capture 3 Tulane Skunks. They're right there running around! Be fast!
  • City Core Challenge: A Race Through the Core - follow the balloon markers to the entrance of Eastern Holdings. The in-game quest helper stars on your mini-map will help guide you to the next checkpoint.
  • Eastern Holdings Challenge: What a Feeling! - go to the Ursin Grove Bunker and /dance, that's it. The quest giver is on top of the building so you'll need to go all the way to (9280, 8123) and go up the path to him.
  • sticky-seacap-ardent-domain-2Ardent Domain Challenge: A Sticky Seacap Situation - look for friendly, green-glow Seacaps on land around Turnis River and clean 'em up. Go to (5606, 8993) and just wait for the respawn.
  • Kingsward Challenge: Summerfest Camping - find a campsite and camp. There's quite a few, try (5737, 7341), (3987, 8395), (4258, 8398), (4758, 8571), (5907, 7284), or (6482, 7708).
  • ashora-sand-pile-part-2Ashora Challenge: Desert Conquest - gather Lake Water from Jurota Lake at (3445, 6720) and Pristine Sand found around Ashora.  The sand mounds are sparkly and a close one to the lake is at (2952, 6521); other reported sand locations are at (3559, 6725) or (2172, 7097). Go back to the chosen quest giver and use the special buttons to place Sand, then Water several times to create the fort.  For fun, you choose a Conquest Faction to support, Dominion, Oathsworn, or Nightfall.
  • Dendrome Challenge: Seashells by the Seashore - collect 2 Crown Conch Shells and 1 Ember Starfish all along the shoreline and rocks of Hive Az'Zgez around (2403, 4264) and 2 Rock Oyster Shells south of Hive Zg'Kaa around (2338, 5306). Watch the spelling.
dendrome sea stuff



Summerfest Companions

Go catch 'em all! They're out there in the wild and are trappable.  When you see the trapping icon pop up (Summerfest temporary ability) you'll know you've found one!


Summerfest Vendor Items

Purchased from: Guardian - Aerlinsa in Sanctum at (7420, 3120) Defiant - Aerlinsa in Meridean at (6205, 5177)

rift-summerfest-merit-badge rift-summerfest-friendship-bracelet Item Type
301   Twiddle Companion
500 3 Snaggletooth Companion
500 3 Starflare Companion
700   Random Companion Adoption Box Companion
1000 3 The Shamble Stick Companion
300 1 Cozy Summer Campfire Flamage
100 1 Tysumi's Treatise on Self Tanning Appearance
300 1 Jar of Fireflies Appearance
300 2 Tareeah's Tropical Sunscreen Appearance
500 2 Summer Scarab Carapace Appearance
500 2 Summer Swarm Appearance
700   Endless Overgrowth Oil Appearance
900   Gem of Boundless Energy Appearance
1000 3 Ama Ree's Bejewelled Collar Appearance
500 2 Alo's Infinity S'mores Consumable
1000 3 Halifax's Ginormous Herbal Supplement Consumable
400   100 Pack of Assorted Fireworks: Random Container
750   Summerfest Party Basket Container

rift-summerfest-merit-badge= Merit Badge rift-summerfest-friendship-bracelet= Friendship Bracelet

Note: the vendor also sells Planar Essences and Weapons by level that are very nice! They range from 200mb (level 12) to 4000mb (level 60).  


Purchased from: Rift Store in-game

rift-summerfest-merit-badge rift-summerfest-friendship-bracelet Item Type
1000   Sunfish Po' boy Recipe
100 1 Writ of the Counselor Title
300   Writ of the Sizzling Title
300   Writ of the Summer Flame Title
300   Writ of the Summer Royalty Title
300   Writ of the Sun Burned Title
300   Writ of the Sunny Title
500   Writ of the Mazed and Confused Title
500   Writ of the Sun Kissed Title
3000 3 Band of Summer Warmth Ring
3000 3 Reinforced Spiked Chitin Loop Ring
3000 3 Ring of Sunfire Ring
3000 3 Signet of the Blazing Sun Ring
3000 3 Spiked Chitin Band Ring
3000 3 Summer's Defense Ring
3000 3 Swarmlord's Knuckles Ring
5000 9 Barbs of the Swarmguard Ring
5000 9 Defense of the Sungazer Ring
5000 9 Fist of Sunfire Ring
5000 9 Fury of the Blazing Sun Ring
5000 9 Healing Soulfire Ring Ring
5000 9 Mark of the Front Line Ring
5000 9 Swarmlord's Spikes Ring
5000 9 Tears of the Painted Sun Ring

rift-summerfest-merit-badge= Merit Badge rift-summerfest-friendship-bracelet= Friendship Bracelet

Note: The Rift store sells other amazing Summerfest stuff as well! You can buy costumes, swimsuits, packs of Summerfest Goodies, and much more.      

By Nopi

Mystic Skull jumping puzzle video is basically worthless.


By swb


not worthless... this video let me know I was at the right spot even though it took about half an hour to see a spawn.


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By Jarrin

Don't forget to hop shards when you find a point for an objective but nothing's there on your server. And don't forget that half of these objectives can spawn in a circle around the points given (usually similar size to the circle on the map around the NPC questgiver).


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By Bobby

7/23/2014 Pilsner of Punishment found @ 12968, 5228


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By dbe

Found a Pilsner of Punishment at 13120, 5344


By deb


confirmed at this location


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By Pennycillin

By far the easiest place I found to get the Mystic Skull in Seratos was the one described above as: "You can also try going to (11,656, 6066) and kill the Stormsparks to loot a Static Charge, this enables the purple jump/launch pad." It launches you right onto the skull almost.


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It would've been a little more helpful on the Seratos one if it'd been mentioned that there's a ramp you need to go up to another level to find the egg sack at that loc, so adding the middle loc number (1129) to your location is essential to finding the sac. :-)


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By Kyuvali

Seratos challenge phase 2 The coordinates are a bit off. I found it at 12030, 4315 and it's on the top level. You need to wait for the walls to change to open a ramp going up to the second level.


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By Biggus

A good launch pad for Skull Rain is at 11642, 6065


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