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Rift Autumn Harvest Guide

monster-mashThis Rift Autumn Harvest Guide includes quests, achievements, companions, mounts, and much more! If you have any tips or tricks let us know and we'll include them in this guide.

To begin, go to Freemarch or Silverwood and using the in-game quest helper find a Faerie Ring to transport you to the Autumn Harvest Realm.

To find the Faerie Rings, look for map-fairie-icon on your map or a circle of mushrooms like the picture below.


Autumn Harvest Faerie Ring


The Potions of Autumn Eyes quest rewards enable you to see Artifacts inside the Autumn Harvest Realm!



Autumn Harvest Achievements

Fae Puppet Master

Collect all 6 Fae Puppets. Buy them from the vendor in Harvest land or the Rift Store.

Noble Puppet Master

Collect all 6 Noble Puppets. Buy them from the vendor in Harvest land or in the Rift Store.

Jack of All Lanterns

Equip the 4 Jack o' Lantern Masks (Devious, Foolish, Goofy, and Smiling). You can buy them from the vendor in Harvest land or the Rift Store.

Monster Mash

Dance with death in the Monster Mash: Black Garden Warfront.

Reaping What You Sow

The reward for this achievement is The Armored Reaper!

Equip all of the masks available from the Autumn Harvest Quartermaster and Autumn Harvest Grab Bags. There's a ton...14!

Go Forth, My Minions!

Complete an Autumn Harvest Promotional Adventure.

A Spooktacular Harvest

Complete the 6 achievements above for an awesome reward; the Grim Harvest cape!


Autumn Harvest Quests

Close Earth, Fire, Water, Death or Air Rifts

Type of Rift is random.


Autumn Harvest - Quite a Haul

Locate 10 Autumncap Fungus which are found in ALL zones except Iron Pine Peak and Stillmoor. They are in higher locations above ground on the sides of trees and rock faces. Use the Harvest Sickle ability that pops up when you're near them.

Hand of the Harvest

Help Atrophinius' Minions 15 times by pwning Summer Ravager Bugs and Frostjacks, gathering Liferoot and kicking Compost Crawlers back into their cave..



Autumn Harvest Mounts


Autumn Harvest Minions

  • Necrawler
  • Scyth
  • Azumel


Autumn Harvest Companions


Autumn Harvest Vendor Items

Available in the Rift Store in-game or at the vendors in the Autumn Harvest Realm.

autumn-harvest-signet ambersap or credit Item Type
3 45 450 Autumn Harvest Grab Bag Mask or Weapon
    300 Exceptionally Pumpkin Dye Armor Dye
  81  49 10 pack of Single-use Potion: Green Thumb, Mutated, Goblin Goo, Witch's, Ghoulish, or Cleanly Potion
  130  98 25 pack of Single-use Potion: Green Thumb, Mutated, Goblin Goo, Witch's, Ghoulish, or Cleanly Potion
  585  353 100 pack of Single-use Potion: Green Thumb, Mutated, Goblin Goo, Witch's, Ghoulish, or Cleanly Potion
3 163 784 Serum: Green Thumb, Mutated, Goblin Goo, Witch's, Ghoulish, or Cleanly Serum
  195 10 Writ of the Mead Drinker Title
  195 10 Writ of the Pumpkin Picker Title
  195 10 Writ of the Harvest Celebrant Title
  45 65 Shadetouched Hound Companion
  45 65 Shadetouched Scarab Companion
  195 250 Hagbrood Hatchling Companion
  195 250 Black Crow Companion
  195 250 Young Treant Companion
1 225 500 Random Puppets: Fae or Noble (12 total) Companion
  200 126 Sand-Worn Architect Terminators - Flyswatter Costume
2 325 400 Farmer's Hat Costume
3 100 560 Foolish, Devious, Smiling or Goofy Jack o'Lantern Masks Mask
10 1,300 1,280 Swindler's Masquerading Hoop Earring
10 1,300 1,280 Spellbinder's Witching Bangle Earring
10 1,300 1,280 Soothsayer's Witching Signet Earring
10 1,300 1,280 Tempest's Bountiful Earring Earring
10 1,300 1,280 Archon's Bountiful Earring Earring
10 1,300 1,280 Debilitator's Abounding Stud Earring
10 1,300 1,280 Responder's Abounding Stud Earring
10 1,300 1,280 Larker's Masquerading Hoop Earring
20   900 Spectral Najmok Reins Mount
20   900 Spectral Crocnard Bridle Mount
20   900 Spectral Kontartula Mount
20   900 Spectral Ash Strider Mount
20   1350 The Reaper Mount
3 200 680 Harrow Crypt Dimension Key
3 200 680 Deepwood Cottage Dimension Key

There are many, many other items available such as lower level essences, consumables, illusions, costumes, dimension items, etc.!  




Four things every Rifter should know about!


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