Rift Linen Cloth Farming Guide

linenThis Rift Linen Cloth Farming Guide is specifically for farming Rift Linen Cloth.  If you are looking for where to farm Linen Cloth in bulk then you are at the correct place and below is all the information needed. If you are leveling Outfitting we have a smooth guide for that too.

Pwning Humanoid NPCs by Level for Linen Cloth

  • Level 30 to 50 supposedly drop Linen.
  • Levels 30 to 35 seem to have the best drop rate percentage.


Where to Farm Linen by Area

Scarwood Reach

Enter Trollblight Caverns at (3327, 4456) and slaughter EVERYTHING in there.  The caverns are huge with many connecting tunnels and rooms and everything drops linen.  Specifically, you'll be pwning Blightskins and Riftstorms.

scarwood reach linen

Scarwood Reach - Linen Cloth


Moonshade Highlands

Wandering Blight and Abyssal Trickster!

moonshade linen cloth

Moonshade Highlands - Linen Cloth

By Brandon

Envoy of Gorvaht seem to only drop silk cloth for me :(


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