Rift Cobalt Ore Farming Guide

cobaltThis Rift Cobalt Ore Farming Guide is specifically for farming Cobalt as opposed to our Mining guide for profession leveling.  If you are looking for where to farm Cobalt Ore in bulk then you are at the correct place.

The below places for Cobalt Ore farming should yield the best ore per hour.  If you have any special tips or tricks let us know in the comments!

Moonshade Highlands

The red arrows mark the Grey Gardens and there you can pwn and mine the Golems for Cobalt as well.

cobalt moonshade

Moonshade Highlands - Cobalt Ore



cobalt droughtlands

Droughtlands - Cobalt Ore

By Soluuna

I found the best place to farm cobalt (with my lvl 43 mage) was to kill the lesser golems in Moonshade highlands then mine their bodies. There are lots of them in a concentrated area just above the waypoint (no running all over the map!), they're easy to kill, and the ore drop rate is pretty high (with a little bit of gold and titanium thrown in). Happy mining!


By pwn


Thank you! We just added this info. above.


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