Gw2 Blood and Madness Guide

gw2-pumpkin2This Halloween Gw2 Blood and Madness guide consists of Halloween themed events, achievements, and fun vendor items.


Halloween has returned to Tyria and the Blood Prince has emerged to threaten the Mad Realm and our world! He must be stopped!


To Begin

blood-and-madness1. Open your mail and read the letter from Magister Tassi.  If you hit "Show Me" you will be directed to the Haunted Nolani Waypoint in the Black Citadel. Go there.

2. Once in the Black Citadel at the Haunted Nolani Waypoint, head North and speak with Venna Castblade who will allow you into the story instance, The Reliquary.

3. You'll be transported to the Nolani Academy Ruins. Read the note on the ground from Tassi and proceed down into the crypt to find Tassi. .

4. Talk to Tassi for a long time and the Blood Prince will appear. Kite the Blood Prince, throw candy corn at him, then fight his minions.

5. Tassi will then give you a golem and consumable Halloween finishers. Exit the instance.

6. Complete the achievement, A Sweet Friend, to progress Tassi's story. The golem provided by Tassi will update you as to her progress.


In the Open World

  • Go to Queensdale, Kessex Hills, and Gendarran Fields to the Haunted Doors that will appear.  The green doors are for the Mad King and the purple/red doors are for the Blood Prince. Click on the door and be ready! Completing these door events will progress the achievement, Shut the Doors.
  • carving-pumpkinCarve pumpkins, mine Candy Corn, and purchase Halloween themed items from vendors.

The Mad King will be at Lion's Arch (Grand Plaza or Mystic Plaza) on Halloween, October 30 at 9am to November 1 at 9am PDT. Play his Mad King games and you will earn the achievement, A Royal Tradition which also counts toward the achievement, A Sweet Friend.


Mad Realm

moonEnter the Mad Realm through one of the Haunted Doors and that will take you to the floating isle above the Mad King's Labyrinth. Talk to the Lunatic Boatmaster to go to the Lunatic Inquisition or the Mad King's Clock Tower. You can also use the portal on the ground to take you to the Labyrinth. To get out of the Mad Realm exit through one of the portals behind the waypoints.



Lunatic Inquisition

Just outside home cities is a tent with a pumpkin icon on top. The ghost there, Rasmus, will also transport you to the Lunatic Inquisition. The Lunatic Inquisition pits players against one another inside the Labyrinth.  In there you will need to survive the night by completing events using found items and other secrets. The game starts with 20 Villagers and 1 Lunatic. Villagers are converted to Lunatics if they die so as the game progresses the number of Lunatics increases and Villagers decrease.


1. Watch out for the Alarms that alert Lunatics to your location. They are faces on the walls so avoid them or run away if you trigger one.

2. Watch your buff bar for Mad King Commands and do what he says (ponder, cower, shrug, salute, or dance).

3. Collect the items below:

  • Get bones for Maise located in the NW.
  • Get torches for Portia located in the NE.
  • Get black goo for Samson located in the SW.
  • Get spider webs for Ewan located in the SE.

Scoring - at the top of the screen are numbers. The number on the left is your score and the number on the right is the top player's score. See the scoring chart below:

Type Action Points
Survive Don't Die 1 point/minute
Items Discovered Number of Items Handed to NPC 5 points/item
Narrow Escape Dodge Lunatic Attacks 10 points/successful dodge
Commands Obeyed Obey Lunatic Commands 25 points/successful obey
Courtiers Stopped Pwn Lunatics 25 points


1. Convert Villagers to Lunatics.

2. If a Villager is running away plant a Scarecrow in their path and use the Mad King Says ability to make Villagers do what you say (ponder, cower, shrug, salute, or dance).

3. Use the 4 teleport pads on the ground in the north, south, east, and west for faster travel. When standing on the teleport pad, the red dots on your mini-map indicate where the Villagers are currently located.

Scoring - at the top of the screen are numbers. The number on the left is your score and the number on the right is the top player's score. See the scoring chart below:

Type Action Points
Conversions Villagers Pwned 30 point/pwn
Terror Caused Scarecrow Ability Used 2 points/scare
Insubordinate Punished   10 points/successful dodge
Panic Caused   3 points/panic


The Mad King's Clock Tower

Hurry up and complete this timed, jumping puzzle!

The Labyrinth

Inside the Labyrinth fight armies, mine Candy Corn, and carve pumpkins. The 3 Legendary bosses that live in the maze are The Skeletal Lich, the Grand High Viscount of Candy Corn, and the Labyrintine Horror.


Second Story Instance

Once you've complete A Sweet Friend, you'll be rewarded with a Mini Candy-Corn Elemental which is what Tassi needs.  Go back to the Nolani Academy and finish the story.



haunted-doorA Sweet Friend

Complete 13 Halloween Achievements.

Pumpkin Hacker I and II

Carve 5 pumpkins.

Trick or Treater

Open 10 trick-or-treat bags.


Stand by Tassi's side as she tries to contain The Reliquary.


Defeat the Labyrinthine Horror in the Mad King's Maze.

Candy-Corn Crusher

Defeat the Grand High Viscount of Candy Corn in the Mad King's Maze.

Shut the Doors

Complete 25 door events.

Something Good to Eat

Open 50 Trick or Treat bags.

A Royal Tradition

Complete a round of "Mad King Says."

A Stomping Good Time

Use 20 Scarecrow or Mad King stomps against players in PvP or WvW.

Death to the Undying

Defeat the Skeletal Lich in the Mad King's Maze.


Once A Sweet Friend is Complete the Following Achievements will Become Available:


Upset Stomach

Give the Bloody Prince a disgusting welcome during the final battle. Project 1 projectile.

Beaten Bloody

Put the Bloody Prince back in the reliquary in under a minute.

You, Back in the Box

Help Tassi reseal the Reliquary.


Vendor Items

The vendors are super easy to find in Lion's Arch.  Just look for the Candy Corn icon above the merchants' heads or on the map.

Candy Corn Cob Item Vendor
4 Plastic Spider Tonic Candy Corn Cob
4 Candy Corn Tonic Candy Corn Cob
4 Mummy Tonic Candy Corn Cob
5 Concentrated Halloween Tonic Candy Corn Cob
1 Candy Corn Custard Candy Corn Cob
1 Strawberry Ghost Candy Corn Cob
1 Candy Corn Almond Brittle Candy Corn Cob
1 Glazed Pear Tart Candy Corn Cob
1 Glazed Peach Tart Candy Corn Cob
1 Spicy Pumpkin Cookie Candy Corn Cob
5 Batwing Brew Candy Corn Cob
1 Mini Candy-Corn Elemental Candy Corn Cob
3 Hexed Outfit Candy Corn Cob
3 Gift of Candy Corn Candy Corn Cob
12 Mini Zuzu, Cat of Darkness Candy Corn Cob
6 Mini Ghost Carlotta Candy Corn Cob
3 Halloween Pail Candy Corn Cob
6 Mini Bloody Prince Thorn Candy Corn Cob


Use the Mystic Forge to Create the Following Recipes

Item Ingredients Used In
Gift of the Moon
  • 10 Candy Corn Cob
  • 40 Bottle of Elonian Wine
  • 10 Crystalline Dust
  • 100 Gibbering Skulls
The Mad Moon
Gift of Spiders
  • 10 Candy Corn Cob
  • 40 Bottle of Elonian Wine
  • 10 Crystalline Dust
  • 100 High Quality Plastic Fang
Gift of Souls
  • 10 Candy Corn Cob
  • 40 Bottle of Elonian Wine
  • 10 Crystalline Dust
  • 100 Tyria's Best Nougat Center
The Crossing

*Note that the above will only create the recipe and not the actual item.   We have Crafting and Farming guides as well! Check them out, they're awesome!

Mad King's Clock Tower

Mad King's Clock Tower

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