Gw2 Strawberry Farming Guide

gw2-strawberry Looking for where to get Gw2 Strawberry? This Gw2 Strawberry Farming Guide makes it easy by showing you the best ways.

Diessa Plateau

We had a nice tip from a friend and now know of a super secret Strawberry filled garden. Thank you again Camarra for sharing your tips! Strawberries are in the Town of Nolan near Black Citadel. Specifically, it is in the southwest portion of Diessa Plateau. This quick video shows you the way to the secret Strawberry garden and below are a couple more locations as well.



Diessa Plateau - Level 15-25


Kessex Hills


Kessex Hills - Level 15-25


Snowden Drifts


Snowden Drifts - Level 15-25

By Meari

HI, Love the site & all of the info, but there are no strawberries in the Upper left corner of Diessa Plateau.


By pwn


The strawberry in the upper, left corner of Diessa Plateau is for the legend and the only strawberry there is in the lower, left corner.


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