Gw2 Smooth Scale Farming Guide

gw2-smooth-scaleWith tons of farming spots for Gw2 Smooth Scales  we farmed a few thousand mobs and are here to talk about it. We narrowed it down to a prime spot with endless supplies of Gw2 Smooth Scales. 

Fireheart Rise

Below is a great place to farm for Smooth Scales and even some Sharp Claws. We recommend this place because it has a good supply of mobs, fast re-spawn and an extra buff for farming with power. Dive in and go get some Barracuda! The closest waypoint in Fireheart Rise is:

  • Sati Waypoint

Fireheart Rise - Sharp Claw

As mentioned above there is a buff you can consume here. Drake Eggs! They're located along the cliffs on the beach area.

gw2 drake eggs

Drake Eggs

sharp claw smooth scale buff

Eat the eggs! Pwn some Reptiles!


Sparkfly Fen

The Skales and Skelks drop Smooth Scales as well as Vials of Thick Blood. The closest waypoint in Sparkfly Fen:

  • Forvar's Waypoint

Sparkfly Fen - Smooth Scale

By Tesla Mae

i have been to both of the places suggested in this post, and i am not getting any smooth scales, i have gotten a couple thick blood and sharp fang but not smooth scales


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