Wow Skinning Guide – Skinning Leveling Guide | mop 1- 600

skinning-knife This Wow Mop Skinning Guide is packed with detailed Skinning maps and walkthroughs for each area, making this guide awesome! In this Wow Skinning Guide we level using the most efficient path to save time and level quickly.

If you’re just looking for Leather, check out our Leather Farming Guides!

Don’t forget to train! Train at levels 50, 125, 200, 275, 350, 425, and 500.

Skinning Guide 1-75 (Horde)

We found Durotar has the highest concentration of Boars making leveling to 75 pretty smooth just outside Org. The Boars circled below are in pens but as with all the other skinning maps, there are always other beasts to skin.


Skinning 1 – 75 in Durotar is the best spot for Horde.

Skinning Guide 1-75 (Alliance)

Dun Morogh is packed with tons of skinning and is by far the best place for the Alliance to start off. The shaded areas in the map are our favorite areas for skinning Boars and Bears.

Skinning 1 - 70 in Dun Morogh

Skinning 1 – 75 in Dun Morogh is the best spot for Alliance.

Skinning Guide 75-130 Horde

Zhevras, Giraffes, Hyenas, Plainstriders and Prowlers are the key.

Most giraffes are skinnable and come in packs but some are not. The ones that are not skinnable are the ones named “giraffe” (without the ‘s’). Usually, in the pack of “Barrens Giraffes” there may be one non-skinnable ‘giraffe’.

This section does work through level 150 if you feel like staying.

Northern Barrens is great provides great skinning areas for both Horde and Alliance

Northern Barrens provides great Skinning areas for both Horde and Alliance.


If you’re low on gold, we recommend trying this Gold Guide! We use it!

Skinning Guide 75-130 Alliance

Loch Modan is really easy to get to, since Blizzard decided to give up flight points without needing to discover them. Simply fly there from any point on the map. If you are a Night Elf or Dranei you can take the ship to Stormwind first, make Stormwind your home, and you’re all set.

Here you want to pwn some Crocolisks, Boars and Bears.

Loch Modan skinning

From levels 75 to 130 Loch Modan is the place to be for Skinning.

Skinning Guide 130-185

  • There are 2 nice places depending where in the world you are: Ashenvale and Wetlands.
  • Along with the 2 suggested places, at 150 you can level up fast using the  Medium/Heavy Leather Grinding Zone.

1. Ashenvale

Ashenvale has a high concentration of Bears, Stags, and Wolfs that are all skinnable with little to low effort. This place is a great place for Dranei and Night Elfs that have not gone too far from their hometown. This is also a great place to grind/farm Light Leather and maybe some Medium Leather.

Ashenvale Skinning

Ashenvale Bears, Stags, and Wolves are great for Skinning.

2. Wetlands

The beasts here are level 20-25 and start to drop a good amount of Medium Leather as well as Light Leather. There are about 8 total beasts to skin for all your Leatherworking needs.

Wetlands Skinning

Wetlands Raptors are a awesome for Skinning.


If you’re starting a new toon, we recommend using one of these Leveling Guides. They honestly work.

Skinning Guide 185-225

Hinterlands: Wolfs, Owls

Gryphons and Moonkins are NOT skinnable; however, this Mop Skinning Guide focuses here because there is a thick concentration of Wolfs and Owls that are great. The beasts range from low 30s to level 35 and you can Skin them for Heavy and Medium Leather.

Hinterlands sports Wolfs and Owls great for  Skinning

Hinterlands sports Wolfs and Owls great for Skinning.

Skinning Guide 225-265

This section of the Mop Skinning Guide introduces Heavy Leather grinding or Heavy Leather Farming if you will. There is an intense concentration right in the center of Dustwallow Marsh making this a special spot. Tear up crocs in Dustwallow to level Skinning to 265!

Dustwallow Marsh Crocolisks are easy to level up your skinning

Dustwallow Marsh Crocolisks are easy to level up your Skinning.

Skinning Guide 265-300

This is the ultimate place for grinding/farming Thick Leather. It is packed with tons of Diemetradon and Raptors for your skinning pleasure. This is truly one of the best places in the Mop Skinning Guide to grind leather at a rapid rate.

In Un'Goro Crater Dinosaurs are plentyful in the shaded area making it easy as pie to level skinning

In Un’Goro Crater Dinosaurs are plentiful in the shaded area making it easy as pie to level Skinning.

Continue to the Wow Skinning Leveing Guide Part 2, Levels 300 – 600.


  1. Nice guide, I am glad you expanded it to include extra farming guides rather than just leveling.

  2. Menethil Harbour is also a great place for levelling from 130 to 190. There are lots of sharks in the water in the harbour that are fairly easy to kill and respawn very quickly. There is a quest that sets you off on this so you can get silver and XP while doing it :)

  3. I was leveling herbs at the same time as skinning and found Thousand Needles a great place to do both from 185 – 285.

  4. MAclure vineyards in eastern kingdom ( elwynn forest ) is really good
    the baors have a high spawn rate and also good for lvling cooking

  5. I found Elwynn Forest to be a great place to level skinning to 75. Near Tower of Azora, there is wolf caves which have around 5-10 wolves each. I found 2 or 3 wolf caves and respawn times were fast. I would kill all the wolves I saw near the caves, skin them, kill couple of lonely wolves or bears, come back and they had respawned.

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