Mop Mining Guide | Wow Mining Leveling Guide | 1-600

miningThis Wow Mop Mining Guide is the start of a series of guides that teaches you tons of stuff about mining in World of Warcraft. Yes we give you the quick routes but honestly we were looking to go a bit overboard and make this into a huge lasting resource for you.

You can now mine Mop nodes (Ghost Iron, Kyparite, Trillium) from levels 1 – 600.  At lower levels you will only receive nuggets of which 10 combined will yield 1 ore.  If you’re a high level toon then just mine, mine, mine in the Jade Forest until you reach level 600!

Don’t forget to train! Train at levels 50, 125, 200, 275, 350, 425, and 500.

Mining Guide 1-65: Alliance

For the Alliance the best place to start out regardless if you are human is outside Stormwind. Here, there is a plethora of Copper nodes and a good respawn rate of copper nodes.

Elwynn Forest Copper Mining

Elwynn Forest Copper Mining

Mining Guide 1 – 65: Horde

Tirisfal Glades is by far the best place for the Horde to level the first few levels in Mining. Even if you are not Undead it is worth the time to get to this area for Copper nodes.

Tirisfal Glades Copper Mining

Tirisfal Glades Copper Mining

Mining Guide 65 – 125

Hillsbrad Foothills is by far the best place to level Mining for Alliance and Horde. It is mostly packed with Tin nodes and sometimes you will get some Silver as well. For Alliance, the closest flight point is in Aerie Point in the Hinterlands which is just a short walk or flight away.

Hillsbrad Foothills Mining

Hillsbrad Foothills Tin and Silver Mining


If you’re low on gold, we recommend trying this Gold Guide! We use it!

Mining Guide 125 – 175

The next stop for both Alliance and Horde is Western Plaguelands to Mine Iron. When you are doing this optimized route it is possible that you get a good amount of Gold as well.

Western Plaguelands Mining

Western Plaguelands  Iron and Gold Mining

Mining Guide 175 – 230

Badlands: This place holds the best Mithril and Truesilver Mining to level from 175 and beyond.

Badlands Mithril and Truesilver Mining

Badlands Mithril and Truesilver Mining

Mining Guide 230 – 275

The next stop in this journey is one that is not forgettable. Thorium in Un’Goro Crater is a complete dream and you will find your self wanting to stay for more because it is so easy.

Thorium Mining Un'Goro Crater

Thorium Mining in Un’Goro Crater

Mining Guide 275 – 325

Hellfire Peninsula Fel Iron Mining is great provided you have a flying mount. If not, you will need to clear some mobs and travel up some moderate hills which can be a bit challenging.

Hellfire Peninsula Fel Iron  mining

Hellfire Peninsula Fel Iron mining


Continue to the next section Wow Mop Mining Guide 325 – 600.


If you’re starting a new toon, we recommend using one of these Leveling Guides. They honestly work.




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