WoW Heavy Leather Farming Guide | Where to Farm Heavy Leather

heavy-leatherThis WoW Heavy Leather Farming Guide is specifically for farming WoW Heavy Leather as opposed to our Skinning and Leatherworking guides for profession leveling.  If you are looking for where to farm Heavy Leather in bulk then you are at the correct place.

The below 2 places for Heavy Leather farming yield the best leather per hour known.

Dustwallow Marsh

Dustwallow Marsh is by far the Best Place to Farm Heavy Leather. Go to the Den of Flame (38,66) and skin the Fireman beasts in and around the cave. Then head west to the Bloodfen Burrows (32,65) and skin the Bloodfen raptors outside and inside the cave…don’t forget Goreclaw for no reason other than his name is cool…


Dustwallow Marsh – Heavy Leather


If you’re bored with farming heavy leather in Dustwallow Marsh head to the Yetis in Feralas. The Rage Scar Yetis in the north and Feral Scar Yetis in the south are humanoids so they drop gold too.


Feralas – Heavy Leather

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If you’re low on gold, we recommend trying this Gold Guide and if you need to level a toon, try one of these Leveling Guides.




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