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alterac valley

AV General Information

Number of players: 40 versus 40. This battleground is available at level 45. The main objective of this battleground is to reduce the opposing factions’ reinforcement count to 0. Each team starts with a reinforcement amount of 600 and there are a number of ways to reduce enemy reinforcements. Killing enemy players is the quickest way to reduce those reinforcements and killing the enemy General is an automatic win. The basic idea for the Horde is: 1. Kill Balinda Stonehearth 2. Capture Stonehearth Graveyard 3. Turn Stonehearth, Icewing, South and North Bunkers to Horde 4. Capture Stormpike Graveyard 5. Capture Stormpike Aid Station 6. Kill Vanndar Stormpike The basic idea for Alliance is: 1.
Kill Galvanger 2. Capture Iceblood Graveyard 3. Turn Iceblood, Tower Point, East Frostwolf and West Frostwolf Towers to Alliance 4. Capture Frostwolf Graveyard 5. Capture Frostwolf Relief Hut 6. Kill Drek’Thar

AV Strategies

Killing the Enemy Captain

Doing this awards additional honor as well as reducing resources by 100. The Alliance captain is Balinda Stonehearth and is located in the Stonehearth Outpost. The Horde captain is Galvanger and is located in the Iceblood Garrison. Neither captain has any Warmasters (H) or Marshalls (A) protecting them.

Killing Enemy Players

Killing enemy players will reduce enemy resources by 1 per player killed.

Kill the Enemy General (zerg/blitz)

Being the first team to kill the opposing general is an automatic win. This will require a little bit of communication by coordinating your team to play complete offense. All players should zerg/blitz the enemy general right when the battle begins. An achievement can be earned by killing the enemy general within 6 minutes. Each general is protected by 4 Warmasters (H) or 4 Marshalls (A) which can be eliminated by capturing the respective enemy tower (please see 4 below for further explanation of towers). The Alliance general is Vanndar Stormpike and is located in Dun Baldar, the Alliance staring point. The Horde general is Drek’Thar and is located in Frostwolf Keep, the Horde starting point.
Teams may also kill the enemy captain on their way to the general for more honor.

Burn Enemy Towers/Bunkers

Burning/Capturing enemy towers will award additional honor and reduce enemy resources by 75. There are a total of 4 towers per side with each tower representing a corresponding Warmaster (H) or Marshall (A). If your towers are lost you also lose your corresponding Warmaster (H) or Marshall (A) which protects your General. The Alliance general is Vanndar Stormpike and is located in Dun Baldar, the Alliance staring point. The Horde general is Drek’Thar and is located in Frostwolf Keep, the Horde starting point.

Capture Enemy Graveyards

Capturing enemy graveyards provides another spawn point to resurrect at but is very strategic as far as which graveyard to capture because capturing certain graveyards may cause a turtle by bottlenecking the teams in a certain area. The basic guide to follow when capturing graveyards is to try and capture the one nearest the opposing teams’ starting point (nearest to the enemy general). For Horde you will want to capture the Stormpike Aid Station and Alliance will want to capture Frostwolf Relief Hut. Horde should also capture the Stonehearth Graveyard and Alliance should capture the Iceblood Graveyard. If your team does not own a graveyard all resurrects will be at your respective starting
point, way north or way south.

Capturing a Mine

There are two mines which may be captured by eliminating the boss within. Capturing a mine provides 1 additional resource per 45 seconds to your team.

Break the Turtle

Turtles happen easily in this battleground by players getting bottlenecked at one location. To avoid the turtle or break it you must move past it. Jumping in the fight only makes the turtle worse. The more players that get past the turtle provides a better chance of winning.

Wing Commanders

Each team has 3 Wing Commanders located in enemy territory. The Wing Commanders can be sent home by clicking on and speaking to them. Doing this provides additional honor as well as a quest upon their arrival. The quests are located at each team’s starting point, Dun Baldar for Alliance or Frostwolf Keep for Horde. The Wing Commanders and their location are below. Alliance: Slipdore – Tower Point Vipore – Hut within a camp South of the Frostwolf Graveyard Ichman – East Frostwolf Tower Horde: Jetzor – Stormpike lumberyard Guse – Icewing Bunker Mulverick – Dun Baldar North Bunker

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