Where to Get Hypnotic Dust | Hypnotic Dust farming

hypnotic-dustWhere to farm Hypnotic Dust is pretty easy since you can get Hypnotic Dust in several ways.


This Hypnotic Dust farming guide goes over 4 important concepts when disenchanting or farming Hypnotic Dust.

  • Where to get Hypnotic Dust by disenchanting.
  • What crafted items disenchant to Hypnotic Dust.
  • Where to find Hypnotic Dust in dungeons.
  • What things to buy from the AH that disenchant to Hypnotic Dust.

If you are leveling Enchanting we have a smooth guide for that too.

Where to get Hypnotic Dust by Disenchanting

Hypnotic Dust is disenchanted from green items approximately between the levels of 285-333.

Disenchanting items (armor) with the level of 306-333 has a higher chance of producing more Hypnotic Dust.

Where to find Hypnotic Dust in Dungeons

Any Cataclysm dungeon or Cataclysm heroic; they all drop plenty of green quality items. Note that armor is the way to go to get dust where weapons yield more shards.

Farm Hypnotic Dust by Crafting Items

What recipes would be the most advantageous to craft? Well it depends on your primary crafting profession so lets take a peek.

We have guides to grind the following mats as well at our Wow Farming Guides page. These include Cloth farming, Leather farming, Ore farming and Enchanting mat farming.


Profession Recipe Materials Notes
Leatherworking Tsunami Helm
  • 5 Heavy Savage Leather
Tailoring Spiritmend Robe
  • 6 Bolt of Embersilk Cloth
  • 2 Eternium Thread
Blacksmithing Stormforged Boots
  • 5 Folded Obsidium
If you need a good place to farm ore, refer to the WoW Mining Guide.
Jewelcrafting Alicite Pendant
  • Jewelers Setting
  • Alicite
Prospecting Obsidium, yields a ~25%chance of getting one of these gems.

If you need a good place to farm ore, refer to the WoW Mining Guide.
Jewelcrafting Jasper Ring
  • Jewelers Setting
  • Jasper
Jewelcrafting Hessonite Band
  • Jewelers Setting
  • Hessonite
Jewelcrafting Nightstone Choker
  • Jewelers Setting
  • Nightstone

What Things to Buy from the AH that Disenchant to Hypnotic Dust

Okay so this means you can just go and buy item level (armor, not weapons) 306-333 items but that can be costly. Most people will post these items for several gold each so this could be pricey considering it is just some dust. If you are in need of making some fast cash then check out this Gold Guide.

We Have a Whole List of Farming Guides for You

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  1. Carnelian Spikes? I De’d 20 of them, got 34 Greater Celestial Essence’s and 12 Hypnotic Dust. Armor would have been a better choice than weapons

    • Thanks and we updated it to remove the weapon from the list.

  2. As a new player i have to thank you for the awesome guide. :)

  3. typo “Alcite” = “Alicite”.

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