Gw2 Scale Farming

gw2-scaleLooking for Gw2 Scales? We have farmed quite a bit and found a couple great places for farming Gw2 Scales.

Blazeridge Steppes

The spawn time is very fast and they can be handled pretty easily 5 at a time. The Drakes drop of plenty Scales and as an added bonus they also drop Claws too.

The closest waypoints in Blazeridge Steppes:

  • Twin sisters Waypoint – east of river
  • Tumok’s Waypoint – west of river
  • Splintercrest Fort Waypoint – north of river
gw2 salamander drake



Blazeridge Steppes – Scale

Harathi Hinterlands

Go to the Northwest of Harathi Hinterlands to Arca Lake.  The Drake, Fish, Skale, Crabs, Spiketail Fish and Barracuda all drop Scale.

The closest waypoint in Blazeridge Steppes:

  • Harathi Forward Post

*Information provided by Creakinator below.


Harathi Hinterlands, Arca Lake – Scale Farming



  1. did this for exactly 1 hour, sold everything they dropped at avg price and made about 50 silver, just so you can reference.

    • Did the same. Had a few people run through for the quest so that took some kills away, but I got ~44 silver for everything after about 45 minutes. Excellent range of drops and they will respawn right on top of you making it a breeze. You will only loot about 1/4 of your kills so you have to group them up and kill them quickly for this spot to be effective imo.

  2. lots of torn hide and slabs of meat. Very few scales dropped, but claws and eggs did drop. I went to this area directly after the Halloween patch. Made 23 silver in an hour.

  3. Went to river – lots of drakes but very few drops. Killed about 30 drakes for one scale and no claws. The Arca lake in Hatathi highlands is a much better place for scales where barracuda and the large fish drop them too.

    • Thank you! We’ve just added this information to the page!

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