Gw2 Leatherworking Guide | 60 Minutes to 400

The absolute best Gw2 Leatherworking Guides based on the actual crafting formulas by Arena Net. These Gw2 Leatherworking Guides help you level Leatherworking crafting skill to 400 with the least amount of materials.

This Gw2 Leatherworking Guide is Weird

We suggest No Farming, No Tools Required, Never Crafting a Single Recipe and it does not really require leather.

We know this is an odd concept, but give it a chance and we believe you will soon agree.

If you read the Gw2 Crafting Formulas article you will understand that discovering recipes yields the most crafting experience (cExp), where crafting in bulk is only 1/2 as good. This leaves everything else to be not very optimal.

The entire journey from 1 to 400 in Leatherworking should take about 32 minutes total.

Because of this, we focus the entire Leatherworker Leveling Guide on buying the components rather than gathering or buying raw materials.


But is this going to cost tons of gold and karma? Nope, not at all.

Example: From 1 – 25 it takes 37 pieces that you have to buy and it took us about 3.5 silver to do it. If we were to farm these items it would take a ton of time. If we were to buy all the bolts or jute required, it would have set us back 7 silver alone. One Bone Chip or a Tiny Claw can go for as much as 50 copper. OUCH!


But does the cost still stay low for higher level components? Yes, they actually do remain cheaper than the raw materials it takes to build them. On occasion you may have to build something; it is possible but it is rare. When a component is not on the Trading Post (TP)  just go request some to be built at your suggested price and shazam they will do it.

Gw2 Leatherworker Tips

Farming is a good thing in moderation so go get some tools. This is intended only for making cash it is not really required for any crafting profession. (read above)

Notes on tools:

  1. Tools have a usage limit indicated by the # located on its icon.
  2. Tools work for specific areas and if you go into a higher leveling area you may need better tools.
    • If you attempt to gather a high level item with a crappy, cheap tool it yields junk.
  3. There are no gathering professions so anyone can get raw materials.

1. Go to any major city or talk to any vendor to get some tools.

(the guy or lady that has the coins icon)

gw2 crafting kits

Here you can talk to the vendor to get some tools to gather ore and other goodies for materials.

2. Get a Sickle, Axe, Mining Pick and a cheap Salvage Kit.

  • Sickle is good for gathering plants.
  • Axe is for Trees
  • Mining Pick is for ore.
  • Salvage Kits are for extracting raw mats from things you craft and find when questing.
    • Salvage all blues and below.
    • Sell the greens and above on the TP.
    • Sell every mat gathered (well, not cooking mats).

Equip your gathering tools by placing them in the correct spot located here. Notice you can use all three and they are good for the number of usages located on the subscript underneath. This sickle has 45 more slices left.

3. Unlearning a profession.

Go to a new trainer and he will ask you which profession you want to replace.

  • Note that the game saves your level when switching back to any profession previously done.
  • Changing professions cost some cash.

4. Splitting a stack of materials.

To split a stack use ALT and drag the item to an empty slot in your bag.

5. Lets get you started.

Farside – Gary Larson

Go to your trainer if you have not done so and start up the Leatherworker Leveling Guide.


  1. Okay I tried this and I was a skeptic. I leveled leatherworking from 1 – 125 in less than an hour and fifteen minutes. It cost 22 silver.

    OMG I wasted tons of time on crafting my other profession until this. Thank you so much.

    I turned around and sold all my leather, copper fangs and stuff and made 2.5 gold => win

    • We are so happy it worked for you. Let us know how the rest of the journey goes. We would love to know the total time and cash.

      • Well crafting took only a few minutes like you said. The rest of the time I was just buying stuff and I had to wait on an order from some Rawhide Chest Guard Padding.

        – up to 200 now for only a 8 silver more

    • notice that these comments are all within a few minutes of each other. yea thats not set up at all, is it? /eyeroll.

      • We reply quickly when we can. It is not too uncommon to for us to respond within minutes because it we sit at computers all day. To answer your question it is not set up, we are just nice.

        EDIT: Oh and here is a smiley face because we appreciate your comment :)

        The dedicated few,
        Pwn and Wicked

  2. I just used this on my thief, went from lvl 115 to 400 in about 1 and half hours, it was about 20 min of actual crafting time. The cost was quite a bit more but not too terribly bad, cost me about 6g to get it the rest of the way up and totally worth it.

  3. tries what? there is no explanation here whats so ever

  4. I have used these guides to max armorsmithing, weaponsmithing, tailoring and huntsman the last couple of days. It took me about an hour and a half for each, but the majority of that time was organizing my my inventory and seeing what mats I had and what I could craft versus what I had to buy and calculating exact amounts to pass a tier.

    Using a crafting booster and some basic mats I already had, I rarely had to use 9 items for each tier, usually 7 and sometimes only 6. (A Tier is 75 “levels” before the basic mats change).

    I did not start keep a running tally on cost for armorsmith and weaponsmith (by far the most expensive I believe) but Tailoring cost me 3g and Huntsman Cost me 7g. This is total cost after selling everything crafted/unused to the vendor NPC.

    This cost could be lowered even more with careful planning. Some items are overpriced due to guides such as these, for example, crafting harpoon guns as a Huntsman is about half the price of crafting long or shortbows if you outright buy the components. Also, I found I never had to buy the suggested master inscriptions such as hearty or honed, and instead opted for the less used rejuvenating ones, etc and were sometimes 1/5th of the price.

    Anyways, GREAT guides, I plan on continuing to use them to max my remaining 4 crafts over the next few days.

  5. i just want to say i have personally used several of these to level crafts and while i admit due to higher prices on some things the price level has gone up. i still spend between 6-8 gold if im careful on how i do it. this guide actually does work

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