Gw2 Large Claw Farming

gw2-large-clawIn this Gw2 Large Claw Farming Guide we explore nice spots to get a ton of Gw2 Large Claws. These areas are also one of the best farming spots in game.

Frostgorge Sound

TIP: Have not been to Frostgorge sound? The way to get in is from the south via Solitude Waypoint in Wayfarer foothills.

The Arctodus Bears drop Large Claws, Large Fangs, and Vials of Potent Blood. They have a quick respawn so there’s always something to pwn.

The closest waypoint in Frostgorge Sound is:

  • Yaks Bend Waypoint

Vial of Potent Blood, Large Fang, Large Claw 


Frostgorge Sound – Large Claw

Fireheart Rise

North of the waypoint go pwn some wolves! They drop Large Fangs as well.

The closest waypoint in Fireheart Rise is:

  • Breaktooth’s Waypoint

Fireheart Rise – Large Claw





  1. Worst possible spot, better spot is wolves in Fireheart Rise.

    • Thank you! We’ve just updated this to include your suggestion in Fireheart Rise.

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