Gw2 Jute Scrap Farming

gw2-jute-scrapNeed an endless supply of Gw2 Jute Scraps? One of the earliest materials for a lot of crafting disciplines is Gw2 Jute Scraps. It has proven to be an elusive material where there is not many places that you can get these at a really fast rate. We farmed up a few places and found the best place for Gw2 Jute Scrap Farming.


We have farmed a good dozen places and it seems as if there are really no difference in drop rates; however, some places certainly yielded extra Jute Scraps per hour based on spawn rates and events. Below is the winner so far.

The closest waypoint in Queensdale is:

  • Vale Waypoint

The whole place is packed with Bandits which drop ‘Bag of Pinched Goods’ which contains tons of goodies including Jute Scraps. They also drop tons of light armor that can be salvaged into Jute Scraps. Just south of the caverns is a place that has a frequent event where the # of bandits increase and you can mow down a ton in just a few minutes.

When the event is not happening then you can just farm the mouth of the cave where the respawn rate is really good and you will not be waiting at all to pound the next set of mobs.


Queensdale – Jute Scrap




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