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This Guild Wars 2 Jeweler Guide 1 – 400 is not the average guide. We don’t suggest farming or buying tons of items, because there is a more efficient way in this Gw2 Jeweler Guide.

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This Jeweler Leveling Guide takes less mats, less time, less traveling and less gold to level your Gw2 Jewel Crafting.

All mats needed for this guide are below in the comments.


Jeweler Leveling Guide 1-25

Below is what you need to start leveling. Mind you this is the one of the hardest professions because there are not always enough recipes to discover. The description below lets you know in detail what to get and discover.
1. Buy the Following Materials

Don’t make the components, just buy them from the trading post! It will take 30X more materials to make them. This is mathematically the most efficient guide. Refer to the Gw2 Crafting Formulas for the math behind the highest crafting experience bonuses.

  • 15 Copper Setting
  • 15 Copper Hook
  • 15 Amber Pebble
  • 3 Turquoise Pebble
  • 3 Garnet Pebble
  • 3 Copper Band

2. Discover the Following Recipes

The discovery pane will lead the way and the following video shows you how to do it.

  • Garnet Copper Ring
  • Garnet Copper Stud
  • Turquoise Copper Stud
  • Turquoise Copper Ring
  • Amber Copper Ring
  • Amber Copper Stud


2a. Help, I didn’t make it to 25

At this point there are no more recipes to discover so the next, highest bonus according to the Gw2 Crafting Formulas algorithm is to craft all (on items not components).  Amber Copper Ring is nice in bulk; make them using the Craft All Button.  You can also swap out hooks for bands and make Amber Copper Studs in bulk, whatever’s cheapest.


Jeweler Leveling Guide 25-50

1. Buy the Following Materials

  • 6 Copper Settings
  • 3 Copper Bands
  • 3 Copper Hooks
  • 2 Tiger’s Eye Pebble
  • 2 Pearl
  • 2 Malachite Pebble


2. Discover the Following Recipes

First discover the following recipes and have a seat; because there were some changes to this area.

This is a difficult level because there are very few recipes to discover. Due to a recent patch a few were removed leaving only the following recipes…

The best way to make it through is to craft in bulk any recipe level 25 – 50. Here is the  Gw2 Jeweler Recipe List if you want some alternatives to what you are about to discover.

  • Malachite Copper Ring
  • Malachite Copper Stud
  • Pearl Copper Ring
  • Pearl Copper Stud
  • Tiger’s Eye Copper Ring
  • Tiger’s Eye Copper Stud


2a. Help, I didn’t make it to 50

Craft All on any of the above recipes, approx 9 items.  At this point there are no more recipes to discover so the next, highest bonus according to the Gw2 Crafting Formulas algorithm is to craft all (on items not components).


Jeweler Leveling Guide 50-75

1. Buy the Following Materials

  • 12 Copper Chain
  • 12 Copper Settings
  • 1 Adorned Garnet Jewel
  • 1 Adorned Pearl
  • 1 Adorned Malachite Jewel
  • 1 Adorned Turquoise Jewel
  • 1 Adorned Amber Jewel
  • 1 Adorned Tiger’s Eye Jewel
  • 1 Garnet Pebble
  • 1 Pearl
  • 1 Malachite Pebble
  • 1 Turquoise Pebble
  • 1 Amber Pebble
  • 1 Tiger’s Eye Pebble


2. Discover the Following Recipes

  • Amber Copper Amulet
  • Garnet Copper Amulet
  • Malachite Copper Amulet
  • Pearl Copper Amulet
  • Tiger’s Eye Copper Amulet
  • Turquoise Copper Amulet
  • The names are duplicates so really =12 recipes to discover…haha


2a. Help, I didn’t make it to 75

Gw2 Jeweler Recipe List and discover some rings because ladies like bling.

If you are still leveling your character or just started a new alt, we recommend using a leveling guide. You can level your character to 80 in less than 8 days!


Jeweler Leveling Guide 75-100

1. Buy the Following Materials

  • 9 Silver Setting
  • 3 Silver Chain
  • 3 Silver Bands
  • 3 Silver Hooks
  • 3 Amethyst Nugget
  • 3 Topaz Nugget
  • 3 Sunstone Pebble Nugget


2. Discover the Following Recipes

  • Amethyst Silver Pendant
  • Sunstone Silver Pendant
  • Topaz Silver Pendant
  • Amethyst Silver Band
  • Sunstone Silver Band
  • Topaz Silver Band
  • Amethyst Silver Earring
  • Sunstone Silver Earring
  • Topaz Silver Earring


3. Help, I didn’t make it to 100

Craft All on any of the above recipes, approx 9 items.  At this point there are no more recipes to discover so the next, highest bonus according to the Gw2 Crafting Formulas algorithm is to Craft All (on items not components).

If you’re low on gold, we recommend trying one of these Gold Guides.


Jeweler Leveling Guide 100-125

1. Buy the Following Materials

  • 12 Silver Setting
  • 4 Silver Chain
  • 4 Silver Bands
  • 4 Silver Hooks
  • 3 Carnelian Nugget
  • 3 Lapis Nugget
  • 3 Peridot Nugget
  • 3 Spinel Nugget


2. Discover the Following Recipes

  • Carnelian Silver Amulet
  • Lapis Silver Amulet
  • Peridot Silver Amulet
  • Spinel Silver Amulet
  • Carnelian Silver Ring
  • Lapis Silver Ring
  • Peridot Silver Ring
  • Spinel Silver Ring
  • Carnelian Silver Stud
  • Lapis Silver Earring
  • Peridot Silver Earring
  • Spinel Silver Earring


2a. Help, I didn’t make it to 125

Gw2 Jeweler Recipe List and discover some rings…again.


Jeweler Leveling Guide 125-150

1. Buy the Following Materials

  • 12 Silver Setting
  • 4 Silver Chain
  • 4 Silver Bands
  • 4 Silver Hooks
  • 2 Intricate Amethyst Jewel
  • 2 Intricate Peridot Jewel
  • 3 Intricate Sunstone Jewel
  • 3 Intricate Topaz Jewel
  • 1 Intricate Lapis Jewel
  • 1 Intricate Spinel Jewel


2. Discover the Following Recipes

  • Amethyst Silver Pendant
  • Peridot Silver Pendant
  • Sunstone Silver Pendant
  • Topaz Silver Pendant
  • Topaz Silver Ring
  • Lapis Silver Ring
  • Peridot Silver Ring
  • Sunstone Silver Band
  • Amethyst Silver Earring
  • Topaz Silver Earring
  • Sunstone Silver Earring
  • Spinel Silver Earring


2a. Help, I didn’t make it to 150

Gw2 Jeweler Recipe List and discover something that will benefit you or there’s many recipes similar for the things you just discovered using ‘Intricate’ recipes. For example, Amethyst Silver Earrings use an Intricate Peridot Jewel instead of a normal Peridot Nugget.

If you are still leveling your character or just started a new alt, we recommend using a leveling guide. You can level your character to 80 in less than 8 days!


Jeweler Leveling Guide 150-175

1. Buy the Following Materials

  • 9 Gold Setting
  • 3 Gold Chain
  • 3 Gold Bands
  • 3 Gold Hooks
  • 2 Amethyst Lump
  • 3 Sunstone Lump
  • 3 Topaz Lump


2. Discover the Following Recipes

  • Amethyst Gold Amulet
  • Sunstone Gold Amulet
  • Topaz Gold Amulet
  • Amethyst Gold Ring
  • Sunstone Gold Ring
  • Topaz Gold Ring
  • Amethyst Gold Earring
  • Sunstone Gold Earring
  • Topaz Gold Earring


2a. Help, I didn’t make it to 175

In this case, there are no extra recipes to discover, making the next best thing to do is craft all on a item. Remembering craft all on components don’t yield as much bonus experience. Shoot for one of the above recipes and make about 9 of them. This follows the 99 rule, where if you discover 9 recipes it will take about 9 more “item recipes” to craft using the “craft all button”.


Jeweler Leveling Guide 175 – 200

1. Buy the Following Materials

This one actually gives 12 recipes to discover, woot!

  • 12 Gold Setting
  • 4 Gold Chain
  • 4 Gold Bands
  • 4 Gold Hooks
  • 3 Carnelian Lump
  • 3 Lapis Lump
  • 3 Peridot Lump
  • 3 Spinal Lump


2. Discover the Following Recipes

  • Carnelian Gold Pendant
  • Lapis Gold Amulet
  • Peridot Gold Amulet
  • Spinel Gold Amulet
  • Carnelian Band
  • Lapis Gold Ring
  • Peridot Gold Ring
  • Spinel Gold Ring
  • Carnelian Gold Earring
  • Lapis Gold Earring
  • Peridot Gold Earring
  • Spinel Gold Earring


2a. Help, I didn’t make it to 200

Visit the Gw2 Jeweler Recipe List for a couple of additional recipes to discover and remember you can always make one of the recipes you just discovered. Try to use the craft all button if you believe it will take more than one to level past 200.

If you’re low on gold, we recommend trying one of these Gold Guides.

Congratulations you are Half Way

Continue on to the Jeweler Leveling Guide 200 – 400





  1. lvl 125-150 the mats dont discover anything

    • btw iam lvl 24 dont know if that has anything to do with it

      • Thank you for showing us this error, we have corrected it. For these recipes it requires the Intricate Jewel version and not the nugget version. For example, Intricate Amethyst Jewel is the correct one for this level, not the Amethyst Nugget.

        Also, crafting is separate from your character level so at level 24 you can still discover and create crafting level 400 items, you just might not be able to use them.

        Your friends,
        pwn and wicked

      • wow that was quick took me ages to figure it out for myself but your guide is still very well done best ive come across keep up the good work

    • at lvl 125-150 i needed to make silver filigree to make intricate jewels to lvl up to 150

  2. That last stretch is unbelievably expensive. T_T

    • We noticed that yesterday some of the prices went really high in the last few stages. Hopefully it will settle down or we all will have to go farm some mats.

  3. Wow., I see this sight a month ago finally hit level 400 jewelry
    Before I seen this was long and painful. After reading your info on crafting
    I know I can easily level my craft for my main toon thanks to guide lines.

  4. nice guide – was useful and fast

  5. A + the only thing i would recommend is putting up how much ore it would take to make the ingots. I had to calculate the exact amount of ore it would need to make all the refinements but other than that, it was perfect/

  6. Thank you so much, I have been struggling with this :D

  7. Fantastic Guide, thanks so much for this!

  8. Thanks a bunch for these guides, great time-saver. A couple of notes:

    1. You’ve got a duplicated section (300-325).
    2. The guides would be even better if there was a total summation somewhere of all mats required.

    Thanks again!

  9. Every time I buy the needed materials, then make the discoveries, I always fall short by quite a few levels. Did you do this on an overflow server?

    • Overflow or normal it is hit or miss. Honestly, it really depends on a few factors listed in the Gw2 Crafting Algorithms page. Here you can see it has more to do with luck than anything. So to prevent from getting extra materials we show you the “lesser end” of what you need. Have no fear, if luck is not on your side the averages will catch up to you :) If you fall short and there is nothing else to discover craft in bulk because that is here the next highest exp bonuses are… Good luck my friend

  10. excellent very helpful and just what i was looking for keep up the good work and ill be passing this site on to all friends and anyone interested in leveling there professions! Thanks =]

  11. So if my jeweler is at level 390 and I have discovered all 7 rings/earrings/amulets (ruby, coral, opal, emerald, sapphire, chrysocola, beryl) then I have no choice but to try on another toon or use ectoplasm right?

    Secondly, does that mean I screwed up somewhere? I did NOT use any guides until I ran into trouble at about level 380. I mean if I messed up and skipped something in the gold/platinum area (for example) I’ll try again on a different character. I do not want to burn my ectos, I’m trying to farm them already.

  12. Am I missing something basic? I can’t seem to make
    - Enchanted Rock Pendant
    - Jeweled Broach
    - Iron Band

    At lvl 43 Jewelcrafting

    • It looks as if they removed the 3 recipes from the discovery section and they are sold by vendors now for karma. We updated the description for this section to reflect this. The downside to this is you will be forced to craft in bulk a few items. Well that is not too bad; just check the TP for some cheap items and refer to the recipe list if the malachite, pearls a or tiger’s Eye are expensive.

      Thank you for finding this for all of us.

  13. Jeweler Leveling Guide 375- 400

    It takes 3 Embellished Brilliant Coral Jewel to craft 1 Coral Mithril Amulet

    So now you need 9 to finish a amulet, ring, and earring

  14. Great jewelers guide. The only thing I think could improve it would be to include what level is needed to wear the jewelry being made.

    Thanks so much! Your guide helped make the jewelry crafting process bearable!

  15. Onee very glaring mistake in the 375 to 400 section of this guide, and it’s a horribly expensive one. THREE EACH of the Embellished Brilliant Jewels are required for each piece of jewelry made, therefore you need 12 each of them to make the final jump to 400. Again, the recipes consume 3 EACH of the called for jewels per jewelry piece crafted.

    • It’s not a mistake it clearly states that under the 375-400 line with a frowny face.

      • I believe Steve has a point. There are 12 recipes to be discovered with each recipe requiring 3 jewels a piece. Ultimately that means there should be a total of 36 jewels needed in total(12×3=36). Divide that by 4 (types of jewels) and you have 12 total needed for each group. The explanation is intentionally verbose to hopefully get everyone to see the point.

        • We constantly check the prices w/ this discovery guide and this guide still remains cheap less gold / level) and far more efficient (buying less mats).

  16. Man, I LOVE U! Really thx, did it really in hour (used my xp boost)… Thanks and continue in that good work

    • Any idea how much you spent?

  17. Mats list 1-400:

    1 Rawhide Shoulderguard Padding
    1 Rawhide Shoulderguard Panel
    3 Rawhide Boot Upper
    4 Berserker’s Embroidered Silk Insignia
    4 Berserker’s Intricate Silk Insignia
    4 Berserker’s Linen Insignia
    4 Berserker’s Silk Insignia
    4 Carrion Embroidered Linen Insignia
    4 Carrion Linen Insignia
    4 Carrion Silk Insignia
    4 Cleric’s Embroidered Linen Insignia
    4 Cleric’s Embroidered Silk Insignia
    4 Cleric’s Intricate Silk Insignia
    4 Cleric’s Linen Insignia
    4 Cleric’s Silk Insignia
    4 Explorer’s Embroidered Linen Insignia
    4 Explorer’s Embroidered Silk Insignia
    4 Explorer’s Intricate Silk Insignia
    4 Explorer’s Linen Insignia
    4 Explorer’s Silk Insignia
    4 Healing Jute Insignia
    4 Hearty Cotton Insignia
    4 Hearty Embroidered Wool Insignia
    4 Hearty Wool Insignia
    4 Honed Cotton Insignia
    4 Honed Embroidered Wool Insignia
    4 Honed Wool Insignia
    4 Knight’s Linen Insignia
    4 Knight’s Silk Insignia
    4 Malign Jute Insignia
    4 Mighty Embroidered Jute Insignia
    4 Mighty Jute Insignia
    4 Pillaging Cotton Insignia
    4 Pillaging Wool Insignia
    4 Precise Jute Insignia
    4 Ravaging Cotton Insignia
    4 Ravaging Wool Insignia
    4 Resilient Jute Insignia
    4 Strong Cotton Insignia
    4 Strong Embroidered Wool Insignia
    4 Strong Wool Insignia
    4 Valkyrie Linen Insignia
    4 Valkyrie Silk Insignia
    4 Vigorous Cotton Insignia
    4 Vigorous Wool Insignia
    4 Vital Embroidered Jute Insignia
    4 Vital Jute Insignia
    5 Malign Embroidered Jute Insignia
    6 Coarse Glove Lining
    6 Coarse Glove Panel
    6 Coarse Goggle Padding
    6 Coarse Goggle Strap
    6 Coarse Longcoat Padding
    6 Coarse Longcoat Panel
    6 Coarse Trouser Padding
    6 Coarse Trouser Panel
    6 Rawhide Boot Sole
    6 Rawhide Mask Padding
    6 Rawhide Mask Strap
    9 Rawhide Chest Guard Padding
    9 Rawhide Chest Guard Panel
    9 Rawhide Glove Lining
    9 Rawhide Glove Strap
    9 Rawhide Legging Panel
    9 Rawhide Legging Strap
    9 Rugged Glove Lining
    9 Rugged Glove Panel
    9 Rugged Goggle Padding
    9 Rugged Goggle Strap
    9 Rugged Longcoat Padding
    9 Rugged Longcoat Panel
    9 Rugged Trouser Padding
    9 Rugged Trouser Panel
    9 Thin Glove Lining
    9 Thin Glove Strap
    9 Thin Jerkin Padding
    9 Thin Jerkin Panel
    9 Thin Legging Padding
    9 Thin Legging Panel
    9 Thin Mask Panel
    9 Thin Mask Strap
    12 Thick Glove Lining
    12 Thick Glove Panel
    12 Thick Longcoat Padding
    12 Thick Longcoat Panel
    12 Thick Mask Padding
    12 Thick Mask Strap
    12 Thick Trouser Padding
    12 Thick Trouser Panel

    • Is it just me or is the material list here for leatherworking?

      • The correct, complete list of mats is below:

        Level 1-75
        12 copper chain
        6 copper band
        33 copper setting
        18 copper hook
        16 amber pebble
        4 turquoise pebble
        4 garnet pebble
        3 tiger’s eye pebble
        3 pearl
        3 malachite pebble
        1 adorned garnet jewel
        1 adorned pearl
        1 adorned malachite jewel
        1 adorned turquoise jewel
        1 adorned amber jewel
        1 adorned tiger’s eye jewel

        Level 75-150
        33 silver setting
        11 silver chain
        11 silver bands
        11 silver hook
        3 amethyst nugget
        3 topaz nugget
        3 sunstone nugget
        3 carnelian nugget
        3 lapis nugget
        3 peridot nugget
        3 spinel nugget
        2 intricate amethyst jewel
        2 intricate peridot jewel
        3 intricate sunstone jewel
        3 intricate topaz jewel
        1 intricate lapis jewel
        1 intricate spinel jewel

        Level 150-225
        33 gold setting
        11 gold chain
        11 gold band
        11 gold hook
        2 amethyst lump
        3 sunstone lump
        3 topaz lump
        3 carnelian lump
        3 lapis lump
        3 peridot lump
        3 spinal lump
        2 gilded amethyst jewel
        1 gilded carnelian jewel
        3 gilded lapis jewel
        2 gilded spinel jewel
        1 gilded sunstone jewel
        1 gilded topaz jewel
        2 gilded peridot jewel

        Level 225-300
        33 platinum setting
        11 platinum chain
        11 platinum band
        11 platinum hook
        3 beryl shard
        3 chrysocola shard
        3 emerald shard
        3 coral chunk
        3 opal shard
        3 ruby shard
        3 sapphire shard
        3 ornate beryl jewel
        3 ornate chrysocola jewel
        3 ornate emerald jewel
        3 ornate ruby jewel

        Level 300-400
        42 mithril setting
        14 mithril chain
        14 mithril band
        14 mithril hook
        3 beryl crystal
        3 chrysocola crystal
        3 emerald crystal
        3 coral tentacle
        3 opal crystal
        3 ruby crystal
        3 brilliant coral jewel
        3 brilliant opal jewel
        3 brilliant ruby jewel
        3 brilliant emerald jewel
        9 embellished brilliant coral jewel
        9 embellished brilliant opal jewel
        9 embellished brilliant ruby jewel
        9 embellished brilliant emerald jewel

  18. This guide is very nice, but it has a huge flaw. It does not use filigrees. The use of filigrees allows cheaper leveling. Firstly because you can make them. You create 7 filigrees. Then you use the filigrees to discover 7 jewels, one for each pebble/shard/crystal/whatever. These 14 actions alone level you the middle 25 points on each tier !!! And Thirdly, these 7 jewels can be used in the last 25 points of the tier to discover Master Amulets/Rings/Earrings, so you get 7 discoveries free, which means about 15-20 points free in the most expensive 25 points of every Master tier.

    • At the places where filigrees are used (ex. level 50) there are an abundance of recipes to discover. We chose the recipes that take less mats or the ones that generally are the cheapest. You are not incorrect however we ensure that the guide remains strong and up to date. Thank you. We ar also considering making alternative sections that help but for now the recipe list should help.

      • Pedro, you’re right, it does seem to skip using filigrees, however the upgraded components are included in the guide. eg 3 x ruby crystal -> 3 x brilliant ruby jewel when added to filigrees. the prices for a crystal [today] is 2.8s and the jewel (with filigree too!) is only 2.39s. so stone with filigree is cheaper on market. this makes the guide, and response, correct. However, if you do the math, you will find that buying ONE of each crystal first to make into jewels by adding the mithril filigree (which will cost you an extra ~2s per crystal [less at the lower levels] is well worth it as the XP gained for finding the upgraded stones is similar to a whole recipe including stone + setting + band/hook/chain!!! in which case it IS cheaper to use the filigrees seperately, but only once for each type of stone. after that, buying the upgraded stones (with filigrees) is cheaper.

  19. Please could you update this guide telling the buyer to firstly check the prices of ore compared to ingots and items. For example a chain is 8 ore, or 4 ingots. Today a mithril chain costs 2.96s, which is cheaper than buying 8 ore at .45s each or 4 ingots at .89s each. However, a mithril band is 3.08s! buying the 3 ingots to make this would only cost 2.67s, a saving of .41s per band. Using this basic maths when buying each of the components for each stage can save A LOT of money as often the ingots are cheaper than ore or the components. The maths for this could be shown in a simple table with ore and ingots per component.

    • Thank you for the suggestion! We are currently working on alternates for this to counter any increases in costs for mats.

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