Gw2 Huntsman Recipe List

This is the 2nd entry of the Gw2 Huntsman Guide series where we list each GW2 Huntsman Recipe. It is the complete Gw2 Huntsman Recipe List for those who want it all.

Gw2 Huntsman Recipes By Level


  1. The Etched Greatbow can be found as a drop, very rare, It can also be forged, But no idea what the recipe is or where to find it,
    Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advance. Tom

    • It can be created in the Mystic Forge but we don’t have the exact recipe. We know that 5 Arcane Powder, Arcane Silver, Deer Token and a Sword Token produced an Etched Blade in the Forge. Switching the Sword Token for a Longbow Token might just produce the results you’re looking for.

      • Thank You for the timely response. T

        • Also noticed using your Huntsman leveling guide that at starting level of 433,
          you can only craft one of each item to gain level, anything more than one does not raise the level. T

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