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Fastest way to Craft every Profession in Gw2 Discovered

Do you want to waste time building unnecessary items? I assume you are like me where we can say that we would prefer doing something else than sitting at a crafting station. Okay it is still a bit fun but, still…

According to some ancient alien theorists Pwniversity has help from beyond…

Being a Software Engineer and a big fan of math and game theory had to take a stab at finding out what is quickest way of leveling professions. I would love to theoretically come up with the fastest way and prove it via example. (I have a ton of screen shots to show you all how I did it maxing the Chef profession in record time, I will post those up soon as they get cleaned up and optimized)

Don’t worry if you don’t like math or have no patience for this, below we show you just what to do. — Section: “So what is the fastest way to level crafting in Gw2?”

So before we can start there are a few formulas out there that define how crafting experience work in Guild Wars 2. The first formula is how much experience it takes to get to the next level.

How much Experience does it take to get for each level?

The below formula states the next level ‘N+1′ requires an additional 1% and then we just round it down using a floor function. Oh and it starts at 500 for the first level so :

Total experience required to get to the next Level = floor(Exp(N-1) * 1.01)

Where Exp(N-1): is the function for the experience at your previous level.

So for a easy example level one requires 500 exp, from level 1 to level 2 requires 505 which is a total of 1005 so far. If you add it all up it takes 2,396,677 total crafting experience. Basically every level is 1% greater than the previous level .

How much will experience will crafting something give you?

Now that we know how much experience it takes per each level lets see the formulas and rules for crafting where the bonuses are and how to level the absolute fastest.


  • xp_req(N+1) = Experience to get to the next level
  • multiplier = .3 for a Refinement Recipe, .6 for a Part, and 1.4 for a Item or Food
  • cLevel = Your current crafting level
  • rLevel = The minimum level to craft a recipe
  • span = 25 for a Refinement Recipe, 25 for a Part, and 40 for a Item or Food
  • Experience = xp_req(N+1) * multiplier * (1.0 – (N -rLevel ) / span)

From the above function it states that crafting an item is the best way to get experience; but wait a sec this does not consider discovery and crafting multiple items at once using the craft all button.

So Me the Crafting Bonuses!!

  • You get a bonus of an additional 100% to 150% experience for discovering a recipe.
  • You will get a bonus for using the craft all feature for an additional 15% to 50%
  • You may Crit for extra but I don’t know the % rate so…

So what is the fastest way to level crafting in Gw2?

  1. Discovering a recipe
  2. Making Items in bulk
  3. Making an Item
  4. Making a Part
  5. Making a Refinement

With this we came up with this table as an example from getting from crafting level 0 to level 25 just by discovery. (BTW level 25 takes 14010 Experience total)

NOTE: considering that dicovery gives a bonus of 100 to 150% we just called it %125 (or the average).

It takes 13 discoveries to get from Level 0 to Level 25 in any crafting profession!

This theory works only if:

  • Well there has to be enough recipes to discover (There are: Each Gw2 Crafting Leveling Guide)
  • You don’t have to make any items, If you do well then you will have to discover less.
  • On average you are getting 125 bonus Exp for discovering
# Exp N+1 Mult cLevel rLevel Span Exp Bonus Exp Gained Total
1 500 1.4 0 0 40 700 2.25 1575 1575
2 505 1.4 3 0 40 654 2.25 1471.5 3046.5
3 510 1.4 5 0 40 625 2.25 1406.25 4452.75
4 515 1.4 8 0 40 577 2.25 1298.25 5751
5 520 1.4 10 0 40 546 2.25 1228.5 6979.5
6 525 1.4 13 0 40 497 2.25 1118.25 8097.75
7 530 1.4 15 0 40 464 2.25 1044 9141.75
8 535 1.4 17 0 40 431 2.25 969.75 10111.5
9 540 1.4 18 0 40 416 2.25 936 11047.5
10 545 1.4 20 0 40 382 2.25 859.5 11907
11 550 1.4 22 0 40 347 2.25 780.75 12687.75
12 555 1.4 23 0 40 331 2.25 744.75 13432.5
13 560 1.4 24 0 40 314 2.25 706.5 14139

So where to now?

Each Gw2 Crafting Leveling Guide has a list to recipes you can discover at each level. And remember don’t trust anyone who says to craft X amount of something (That would only be the 2nd most efficient way of leveling the fastest.)

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Just let your friends know that we exist and we are here to help with anything you want to know about Gw2.


       Wicked and Pwn (Your friends and guides through this awesome game)


  1. Awesome, I started crafting the items in bulk not realizing that discovery was considerably higher. I tried crafting with this technique from 25 to 50 using your chef recipes and it was perfect. I used literally a quarter of the mats from when i was doing it in bulk.

    Thank you so much.

    • On average it is taking 13-15 discoveries to level every 25 Crafting levels. Sometimes there are not 15 to discover, Or the mats are to hard to find so I just fell back to crafting bulk of something.

  2. I looked at the mats for armorsmith and realized that there was 3 sets of gloves, pants and so on so I just bulked crafted 3 items each getting a bonus then discovered each recipe. I had to create the mats for 6 discoveries.

  3. Nice math, I added this page to my guild site and spammed a vista for extra exp.

    Got to 50 in weaponsmithing in under 15min after buying from the trading post everyones extra extra mats, like Jute Tunic Panels

    – thanks pwn & wicked

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