Gw2 Chef Recipes 100-124

Gw2 Chef Recipes By Level

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Gw2 Chef Recipes 100-124

Recipe Name Level Materials
Lemon Bars 100
Bowls Of Strawberry Apple Compote 100
Strawberry Tarts 100
Unidentified Gray Dye 100
Unidentified Blue Dye 100
Bowls Of Strawberry Pie Filling 100
Cups Of Banana Cream Pie Filling 100
Bowls Of Sage Stuffing 100
Spinach Burgers 100
Plates Of Pasta With Tomato Sauce 100
Veggie Burgers 100
Pepper Steaks 100
Stuffed Peppers 100
Piles Of Simple Stew Herbs 100
Bottles Of Ascalonian Dressing 100
Piles Of Ascalonian Herbs 100
Piles Of Simple Chili Seasoning 100
Piles Of Paprika 100
Spinach Salads 100
Sage Stuffed Mushrooms 100
Meatballs 100
Bowls Of Tomato Soup 100
Bowls Of Meat And Bean Chili 100


  1. ‘Bottles Of Ascalonian Dressing’ seems to require level 125, not 100.

    • ‘Cups Of Banana Cream Pie Filling’ also seems to require level 125.

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