Gw2 Chef Recipe List

This is the 2nd half of the Chef Guide where we list each Gw2 Chef Recipe. If you are looking for the full GW2 Chef Guide we have some great tips and tricks for leveling GW2 Chef skills.

 Guildwars 2 Chef Discoveries | Complete Recipe List

Gw2 Chef Recipes By Level


  1. Bowls Of Red Meat Stock:
    20% chance to gain might when you dodge
    +10 Experience from Kills

  2. Would be nice if there was a way to break out discoverable recipes by level. ie I’m 25 chef, what can I discover at that level? Really useful in leveling.

    Thanks, this does look great thought!

    • I added this page to Adjust your screen for max crafting for ease of use. This way you can see each category in the game and on the site to see what is missing from your discovery list by category and sorted by level. After a good try I was able to craft super fast doing this over a list sorted by 0-400. I also keep the black lion trading post window up to get any additional mats. Let me know it it helps and thank you for the advice.

  3. i tried a few of your recipes but they wont match..Raspberry Pie and Griffon Egg Omelet for instance didn’t work

    • Oh thanks. I believe these recipes are not allowed to be discovered and they are purchased by a vendor. Lets see if we can track it down for you…

  4. Two things.

    Loaf of Bread: +20 Vitality +10 Exp from kills (not +20 :) )

    Secondly: Is there anyway to mark in the recipe list which recipes are found via discovery, which are earned as a person increases skill, and which can be bought?

    Thank you.

    • Thank you! That is a great idea.

  5. I can’t seem to find the guide to leveling the chef skill to 400.

    • For now we have the recipe list so it is a bit manual. This weekend we finished all the other crafting disciplines and we are moving ahead on the chef guide. You can expect to see it up very soon.

      EDIT: Finished it

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