Guild Wars 2 Guides


  1. You’re guides for GW2 are accurate and very helpful to a newbie like me.

  2. I actually had to show this article, “Guild Wars 2 Guides”
    together with my personal close friends on facebook. Isimply wanted to
    distributed your fantastic writing! Thx, Lakesha

  3. i like your guides but im missing the warrior tank build :D

  4. When will you guys have 400-500 for crafting up just wondering?

    • We do have crafting up to 500 on Weaponsmith, Artificer, and Huntsman. We’re working on Armorsmith, Tailor, and Leatherworker now. Thank you!

      Edit: We just finished Armorsmith, Tailor, and Leatherworker to 500.

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